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Top 5 most private jets that will blow your mind

In the world, the count of Rich people is increasing rapidly and so is the desire of purchasing Luxurious Expensive Private Jet but there are very few who enjoys such a wealth who doesn’t just own a regular private jet but they convert a commercial plane into a Luxurious Private Jets.

Though there are a lot of commercial planes turned into private jets in the world but only a handful of it qualifies in the list of most Luxurious and most Expensive Jet.

In our list, we won’t just be covering the price of the jet but every aspect of it, be it fuel consumptions, spaciousness, range, the technology used in the jet etc.

We will start the list from 5th to 1st:-

Top Expensive Private Jets

5) Boeing 757 -200:-

Boeing 757-200 Donald TrumpBoeing is the master of making an aircraft and proved his mettle by providing many world-class commercial planes and with Boeing 757-20 they showed their mastery in private jets too.

Boeing 757-200 is a world class private jet currently owned by many Rich people and Donal Trump is the one of it.

It has every feature that one could dream off like a personal bedroom equipped with a big screen entertainment system so you do not get bored while travelling, a bathroom with 24-carat gold fitted fittings.

Donald Trump Boeing 757-200 gold bathroom

With its tank full Boeing 757 can travel as far as from the United States of America to Brazil without any stop which is approximately 7,250 KM, can fly at a decent speed of 854 km/h, and can carry up to 62 passengers.

Though it costs a whopping $100 million to Dollar Trump the value of this jet fluctuates according to the customization the jet owner wants and that is too obvious.

4) Boeing 747-430:-

Boeing 747-430 Sultan of Brunei

Another masterpiece of Boeing commercial plane which was converted into a private jet and owner of this Luxurious private jet is one of the world’s richest people in the world Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah.

He is not just the Sultan of Brunei, he is Sultan of his own Private Jet too as he flies the jet by himself.

Without any modifications the cost of the brand new Boeing 747 – 430 is $100 million but Sultan spent an additional cost of $120 million for the customizations that suits best for roayl requirments.

Boeing 747-430 private jet sultan brunei

And some of the customizations are Gold Fitted Royal Washrooms, a Gold Washbasin, and Lalique Crystal.

Sultan Brunei Gold Washbasin Boeing 747-430

It has a range of around 14,405 km and it can fly at a speed of 1,004 km/h.

Apart from this Private jet, His Majesty also owns an empire of 50 Rolls-Royces and the only right-handed Mercedes CLK-GTR in the world and also owns an Airbus 340 and six small jets.

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3) Airbus A340-300:-

Airbus a340-300 private jet

Airbus is an arch-rival of Boeing when it comes to making commercial planes and in private jet segment, Airbus has also made some of the finest private jets and Airbus A340-300 is one of them.

It is owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov who made fortune by producing plastic bags and iron ore.

Private jet Alisher Usmanov

It had been reported that Alisher Usmanov bought this biggest business jet Airbus A340-300 after selling his Facebook shares worth $1.4 billion and it cost this wealthy businessman of Russia close to half a billion dollar.

It has a long range of 13,700 km and can fly at a speed of 913 km/h

This quad-jet features up to 100 lie-flat seats and in-flight Wi-fi.


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2) Airbus a380:-

Airbus a380 private jet prince talal

Another world class private jet from Airbus which is dubbed as Flying Palace by many aviation experts and the order for this double decker was booked by the Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal with a whopping $500 million but the deal did not go through and it was delivered to another buyer.

The interior of Airbus 380 is not less than other private jets like a lounge, two comfortable bedrooms, a magic carpet room, a concert hall, and many other luxurious features.

Airbus a380 interior private jet Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

It has a top speed of 1,020 km/h and has a long range of 14,800 km.

1) Boeing 747-8:- Best Private Jet in the World

Boeing 747-8 best private jet

Every other private jet looks tiny in front of this Marvellous, Magnificent, Luxurious and most expensive plane ever built.

Currently, it is owned by the very lucky, the very wealthy and very confidential client as per the Greenpoint Technologies which was hired by the very confidential client to install the changes they want and after long three years of hard work, the firm delivered the Best Private Jet in the World with most luxurious private jet interiors.

It can fly at a speed of one thousand one hundred ninety-five (1,195 km/h), has a long range of 17,020 km and the asking price of this Jumbo Jet is $367 million and this doesn’t include any luxuries but the final price with all the luxuries is more than $500 million.

Now coming to its part which makes it the most luxurious plane ever built are two spacious living areas with sofas, low tables, big screen TVs and a big f***king lounge with the room.

Boeing 747-8 lounge and interior most expensive

Big conference room for mid-air meeting and the conference room can be changed into the dining room when required.

Not a single space is missed as the big bump on the plane has also converted into another Lounge.

It really can give a tough competition to any five-star hotel.

It has also been revealed that Boeing 747 – 8 will replace the current fleet of two presidential Air Force One and that’s an honour on its own.

Air force One boeing 747-8

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