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10 Best Apps for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

One plus is one of some brands which offers world-class features, premium looks, and light body. Never Settle has been their prime sloganĀ and they have always been true to that since they always bring not just minor upgrades but turn their new smartphones around completely and this has been the case for both One Plus […]

8 innovative apps for smartphones


The Internet is full of tech reviews and articles on top apps or best apps for a particular smartphone but in this article, you will find the most innovative apps which can be operated in every smartphone. Though most of the apps are downloaded on smartphones to ease our work but apart from easing your […]

What, why and how to use Android Auto?

Android Auto

Ever got stuck in a situation where you have to handle traffic and your smartphone simultaneously or getting distracted by smartphone’s notifications well just stop now those days are gone because of Android auto we can do most of the things that used to required our complete attention while driving. What is Android Auto? Android […]