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Sweatcoin Hack | Earn Free Coin Without Walking

Sweatcoin hack is available across the internet as it has become the most favorite fitness app to download from play and app store as it lets you earn money by just walking which you can use to buy listed products, PayPal cash, and many more amazing things.

It became an instant hit as soon as it launched since it is some of the first apps which convert your physical movement to real economic value.


Fitness is the first and foremost criterion which has been given prime importance in this app or you can say that it has been designed to make you healthy and fit by motivating you from premium products.

There are a total of 4 membership levels and as you upgrade your limit of earning coins gets increased monthly.

The free one which is Mover lets you earn upto 150 Sweatcoins per month and to upgrade yourself to the next level you have to pay from your earned Sweatcoins.

Above was all about the Sweatcoin and how you can upgrade from one membership level to another and now the real thing is about to start.


As all of you realize that Sweatcoin works by tracking and confirming your outside steps with the help of smartphone’s accelerometers and GPS area but this app can sometimes be tricked with some hacks.

I am not talking about those scripts which are available on the internet and can seriously damage your smartphone and its security.


I am talking about some real business here.

Sweatcoin Hack for Free Coins Without Walking:-

I have listed almost all practical hacks that can be used to earn free coins.

Hack 1st:-

This is the most basic hack that you can use without using any software, app, or any special script.

And that hack is called advance shaking.

I know I know that you must be thinking that Sweatcoin only counts outdoor steps but did you know that Sweatcoin also tracks the pattern of any movement to know whether that was fake or not.

Still, it can be fooled by shaking your phone while riding in a slow-motion car.

But remember don’t use it while you are driving as it can result in an accident which means you should perform this hack while someone else is driving the car.


Hack 2nd:-

This is the silliest hack to earn free coins without you walking yourself.

All it requires is a dog and any fitness Band which can be synced with Google Fit.

And the procedure to use this hack is also very simple if you have a Fitbit, Mi Band or any other fitness bands which easily gets synced with Google fit can be utilized to fold over dog’s collar.

Below is the picture of a dog wearing a fitness band:-

Step Cheat Dog

This is just a hack to increase the steps and if you like to perform it you have to do it at your own risk.


Hack 3rd:-

This is the most advanced hack that can ever be used for SweatCoin.

The product is so good that it increases steps by using the power of magnets, electric and gravity which will get you around 5000 steps in an hour.

With the help of the power of magnets, electric and gravity this product can fetch you around 5000 steps in an hour.

Step Cheat


Since the product will move the smartphone but the product itself will not move which in the case of Sweatcoin will not work.

In that case, you can install it in your car and place your smartphone over it and drive without having to shake by yourself.

It is an automated version of the first hack.

Available on Amazon

However, it sometimes works and sometimes it does not and I still have not figured out why is that.

I would really like you to tell me if you get to know about it so that I can share it with the public.


Though the app is designed to make you healthy and fit there are numerous other hacks that can be used to increase steps by tricking the app that you are walking and the most amazing and useful hack that can be used is by buying this product which will be your one-time investment and can increase your steps on the app massively without even walking a footstep.


I hope you liked my article on SweatCoin Hack to Earn Coins Without Walking and I will encourage you if you have any other hack in your mind that you have used which can help others buy premium products from SweatCoin.

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