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Step Set Go Hack | Earn Free Coins Without Walking | Review

Step Set Go has brought a revolution in play and app store as it lets you earn free coins by just walking and those coins can be redeemed to buy listed products in the app.

Just by walking you can also buy many premium products or even an iPhone XR with just walking.

But the app is designed in such a way that you have to walk in order to buy premium products or should I say it is designed by keeping your fitness in mind and all those premium products are there to motivate you to keep healthy and fit.

By walking outdoor you get 1 coin for 800 steps and when you walk indoor you get 1 coin for 1000 steps.

There are a total of 5 levels on this app, on 1st Level you can only collect 5 coins by walking every day and if you wish to earn more you have to collect 5 coins by walking continuously for 3 days which upgrades your earning limitation from 5 to 10.

As you upgrade it gets more difficult to complete a level as on the 2nd level you have to earn 10 coins every day by walking continuously for 3 days to get to the 3rd level where you have to walk 15,000 steps which goes on until you reach level 5.

There are other complementary methods by which you can earn more coins and those are referring this app to others which lets you earn 5 coins or watching an ad which lets you earn only 1 coin.

You can only watch 5 ads per day which means you can only earn 5 coins for free and there is a limit of referring to a friend which is 100 per month.

With all these restrictions how do you think you can earn that much of coins to buy iPhone XR and the answer lies in below:-

Step Set Go Hack for Free Coins Without Walking:-

I have listed almost all hacks that can let you earn free coins.

Hack 1st:-

This is the most practical and also the most amazing hack that can ever be used to get almost unlimited steps quickly.

This Product is so good that it increases steps by using the power of magnets, electric and gravity which will get you around many steps in an hour.

You are just required to put your smartphone on the device just like below image and the steps will get increased to a tremendous amount:-

Step Cheat

If you are thinking of any proof whether this product will fetch you a lot of steps which will be very difficult if not impossible to get them manually then let me share with you screenshots of my own smartphone:-


Step set go overall coinsStep Set Go Hack Screenshot

step 2










If you look closely you will notice that every day I am able to earn 30 coins except for one day without moving a finger.

If you would like to check my overall coins you can check which is 8248.55.

Though not all, majority of the coins have been earned by this product If I had known of this product earlier then I would have earned much more than what I have earned until now.

It is a one-time investment considering that you can get your iPhone XR or Play Station in a very short time frame then performing any manual hacks which will take a very long time to earn enough coins to buy any premium product.

Apart from using this product for myself, I also use it for my family member’s smartphones one by one.

With just one product I am getting a lot of steps on 3 smartphones (One is mine, my brother and my mother).

However, I not included my father’s smartphones in the above list as he doesn’t have a smartphone.

So Far, I have not experienced any issue with this product and using it continuously for every smartphone of my family members.

If you encounter any issue with the product, or you are not satisfied with the quality, the seller guarantees hassle-free return within 10 days after you order or work with you till you are satisfied.

However, there is one issue which is the product being out of stock from ecommerce website. So we have to wait until it comes back.


Hack 2nd:-

This hack is the most basic hack which requires nothing at all, no software, no app, not any product or any other kind of stuff.

It only requires that you have an internet connection and a will to earn money the hard way.

All you have to do is move your arm back and forth. A running movement while standing still can most likely fool any fitness device or smartwatch. Alas, at least you’re moving your arms while sitting or you can also kind of slap your mobile with something softer which tricks motion sensor that you are walking.

If you are still confused about the movement of the arm that I mentioned above then you can think of training in which you do dumbbells while sitting or you can refer to the below gif:-

Step Set Go Hack

This hack can save you from walking and you can also perform it while sitting anywhere.

There is another movement apart from above dumbells type movement which is using a dumroo type movement

You have to move your arm as you move it to play a dumroo which will trick the app into that you are walking and if you don’t know how to play dumroo than you can search some videos on the internet.

But there is one major con of above hacks which is tiredness as you can’t perform them for long and it will get more difficult when you will cross 2nd or 3rd level which means you have to move your arm up and down 20,000 thousand times.

The only thing that can save you from the problem is following the Hack 1st and buying above product which can get around 5000 steps within 1-hour without you doing anything.

Hack 3rd:-

This hack also requires something but doesn’t cost anything if you have already which is a dog.

If you are wondering how would you use your dog to increase the footsteps and the answer is really simple which is tying your mobile around your dog’s collar which will increase your steps to a required limit but this can be dangerous for your mobile as a dog roam around from a lot of places can damage your mobile.

If you know about your dog’s daily activities and know that he or she doesn’t go to those places where your mobile can get damaged then you can try this hack.

This is the least practical hack that you can use to increase your steps since you have to find a way by yourself to wrap a mobile around your dog or your dog might get frustrated.


Also Check:-

Hack 4:-

This hack is just the upgraded version and less risky than the above hack.

If you own a Fitbit, Mi Band or any fitness band which tracks steps and gets synced up with Google fit can also be used to wrap around your dog’s collar as putting the mobile on a dog’s collar will be very difficult that a fitness band.

Below is the picture of a dog wearing a fitness band:-

Step Cheat Dog

It will also not irritate your dog while walking and since they cost lesser than a mobile you will worry less about the damage.

This is just a hack to increase the steps and if you like to perform it you have to do it at your own risk.

Hack 5:-

This hack also requires to have a fitness band which can get synced up with Google Fit and a drill machine which you can borrow from an electrician or a carpenter for some time.

Once you have all the above things then it is easy to do the Hack 5 which is wrapping the fitness band around the drill machine like mentioned in the below image and turn it at very slow speed:-

step cheat drill


Though the app is designed to make you healthy and fit there are numerous hacks that can be used to increase steps by tricking the app that you are walking and the most amazing and useful hack that can be used is by buying above Product which will be your one-time investment and can increase your steps on the app massively without even walking a footstep.

As per my experience Step Set Go app is real as my friend has purchased boat earphones and if you don’t believe me than you can also head over to Step Set Go’s Facebook page where they have posted of winners who won from Step Set Go.


And if I were given a chance to review this app I would have given it 4.5 out of 5.

I hope you liked my article on Step Set Go Hack to Earn Coins Without Walking.

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