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How to get recruited as a spy?


Well not my spy story but I received this real story from a source which I am publishing.

I – Someone

But keep in mind it’s 100% real and I cannot present any proof as you know how everything happens in an intelligence world.

Around 6 years ago I was doing one of my regular visits to the U.S. I got to security control and the guy there told me to wait in a special area, a surprise as I have an American passport.

After 32 minutes of wait, I was brought into a small room where I was greeted by a man and a woman whose names I can’t recall. Both were white and in their 30s. The guy had a British accent and the woman had an Irish one. They said they were from Secret Services( or Secret Intelligence Services – I can’t recall).

They started asking me tons of questions about my life of where I live and made a point of letting me know they already knew a lot about me I think everything like where did I go for graduation or you can say the university, business, and my recent movements.

An hour later, when, they were letting me go, they told me they might need some further information from me. I told them they could, of course, contact me anytime.

They gave me some business cards that had nothing but their first names and a mobile number on them, and we parted ways.

The next day the man called me – he said he’d like to meet. I said ok. He said we could meet somewhere in between, at Yonkers station. I said find. He said he’d confirm details later.

Later, via SMS, we agreed a time, but then he wrote something like “Get to Yonkers station at 1 P.M. and I’ll give you further instructions.

James Bond

I was like WHAT!!!!

I then called him and asked him what the hell was going on? he told me to relax and agreed on a compromise – I could meet him in a hotel lobby – but once there I’d be given a message as to what room to go to.

Right! I told her that this sounded like it was straight out of a James Bond movie. It seemed very unreliable and I was not comfortable. I’d need to get back.



I called my lawyer as I wanted to make sure I could refuse. She shat herself and told me that she wasn’t willing to have any part of this. I then a friend’s friend who was in charge of something like Counter-Intelligence in the U.S. – a very senior guy – and he told me that there was a 94% chance I was being recruited as a spy, and I could refuse.

He said I was the kind of person they went for – an Oxford graduate, well connected, a clean record, lived overseas – and this was often how they did it.

If you want to become a spy I guess you should tick all those boxes.

So, wow! James Bond, 009, license to kill.

But I could end up dead or, more likely, abandoned, in a highly-unaccountable arena, my business needed all of my time, and, of course, it wasn’t going to be nearly as exciting as being James Bond.

The next day I tried calling the man back to refuse. His line was dead. The other guy’s line was dead too.


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