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What will happen in future?

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And at what speed things are going my assumptions would be:-

  • flying cars are common and traffic lights are there to manage air traffic but flying cars do not fly higher in altitude than a normal plane.

Flying Cars


  • Nvidia or Intel, combined with AMD or Microsoft have created groundbreaking technology,

allowing supercomputers to be the size of 2018’s desktop or laptop.

Source – Cray & Microsoft Partner on Cheap Supercomputer

  • Modern programming languages like JavaScript and C++ are now obsolete and Python is the world’s leading programming language.


  • Robots have replaced 80% of workers across all industries, causing massive unemployment but massive employment related to automation, Countries have adopted population control measures to tackle future unemployment.

Robots working in a factory

  • BRICS are now leading exporters and producers of most of all goods.


  • 80% of the world’s population own a smartphone, 38% wear a smartwatch or smartphone, 5% wear Google Glass or an equivalent product.


  • Smartphones and tablets are easily foldable, transparent and wearable. Android has 95% market share.

future smartphone


  • Laptops with keyboards are alive and kicking. Windows and Chromebook are fighting it out for market leadership in terms of unit sales. MacBook comes in a distant 3rd yet the most profitable.


  • Voice recognition finally works damn well. We’re talking a lot about technology.


  • 95% of cars produced are completely autonomous. 90% of them end up being owned by taxi-app companies and 60% of them are powered by Waymo. Most car manufacturers from 20 years ago have gone bust.


  • Drone deliveries would become absolutely normal, Items are frequently delivered within an hour of order.

Drone Delivery


  • Remote-working has revolutionized white-collar working – resulting in a dramatic reduction in demand for office space and increase in demand for work from anywhere rather than just work from home.


  • To order a Big Mac and fries, with a Coke, you talk to a bot. Your order will also be made, packaged and given to you by bots or in simple terms – robots.


  • Paper-currency has ceased being legal tender in a handful of countries, the first of which was Singapore. Government-backed currencies, in electronic forms, are the most widely used currencies. The Wild West cryptocurrency bubble burst well over 15 years ago.


  • A degree of MTE (Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship) as there are fresh MBAs. Stanford’s MTE is the most prestigious in the world.


  • For every graduate that goes into finance three go into technology.


  • Globally there are 30x as many tech startups this year as there were in 2018.


  • 19 out of the 20 largest companies are technology ones – Alphabet, Amazon and Apple are the largest – both with market caps of over US$4T.


  • The richest person in the world is a tech entrepreneur worth US$600B.


  • The number of unicorns has gone up from around 300 20 years 3 months and 11 days ago to 5,000.


  • There is a colony of 5 people with Tesla buggies on Mars. Each colonizer will stay for at least a decade as it’s extremely expensive coming back.
  • Technology has made us many times more productive but it hasn’t made us happier.


  • Suicides and crime would be at its peak 20 years 3 months and 11 days from today.



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