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What is the biggest blunder ever done in history?

Alpha commandos

The way the Russian military handles terrorist demands is very effective. It is a real story of four Soviet diplomats having captured in September 1985 by extremists who demanded that the Soviet Union will have to pressure the Syrian government to stop pro- Syrian militia from attacking rival Muslim positions in the northern Lebanese city […]

Want to earn a salary as an investment banker?

Investment Banker

Want to earn a salary as an investment banker? Well, it’s not that difficult to be one or is it, find it by yourself!   Calculate what is 12.5% of 64? Do it in your head right now! If you got it within 6 seconds than think of yourself as an Investment Banker. If you got […]

What India can do to punish bully China?

Bully China

There are a lot of nations who get bullied by China and most of the times India too but there are a lot of ways that India can punish China for its bully nature and those ways will also yield respect from China towards smaller nations. For Vietnam:- I would say India is not doing enough […]

With these steps India definitely can become a Superpower

India a Super Power

With these steps, India definitely can become a Superpower How India can become a Superpower? Well, it’s a trillion dollar question and every politician brag about this in every election on making India a Superpower and I know they brag and boast about almost everything. Do you know why do they brag and boast about, Yes […]

How to get recruited as a spy?

  Well not my spy story but I received this real story from a source which I am publishing. I – Someone But keep in mind it’s 100% real and I cannot present any proof as you know how everything happens in an intelligence world. Around 6 years ago I was doing one of my […]

Awesome life hacks that you must have never heard of!!

We always try to find hacks in every situation of our life but sometimes we find it and sometimes we don’t but when we find it our task or problem becomes so easy which we had never imagined and below you will find out of the box life hacks which one can effectively use in their […]

Is world’s most valuable company Apple going to fall

A lot of people are die-hard fan of Apple and there are a lot of people who can also stand in the very long queue to get the iPhone on the very first day, because of it’s superior build design, features, innovativeness and of all a perfect status symbol but!! even after all of this, is […]

What will happen in future?

And at what speed things are going my assumptions would be:-

Mind Blowing facts about world’s most valuable company Apple!!

Have you ever wondered about these mind blowing facts about world’s most valuable company Apple and if not then these facts will blow your mind like in pieces.