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Will Oppo find X find it’s way to the user

The smartphone industry has never been so competitive as it has been for past some years and every smartphone company is trying to grab the market with innovative products, technologies and affordable pricing.

And this time Oppo has stormed the internet, no not because of their heavy advertisements everywhere( just a little sarcasm) but for completely different smartphone design which is Oppo Find X and I guess they took X from iPhone X(again a sarcasm).

Why is it Different from other smartphones

bezel-less screen has become new must-have design in the smartphone world and those who don’t know what bezel-less screen is let me give you an example to make you understand it better, just think of a photograph without a frame. What does it mean is that there is nill border around the photo and this idea has been used for a smartphone where the screen will be more and frame(Bezel) around it will be less.

It was first launched in iPhone X and since then it has rapidly gained traction across users and most of the smartphone makers have followed the same path and the new entrant is Oppo Find X but what makes it different from other smartphone and that is not a Bezel-less screen.

The unique innovation that Oppo Find X possess is the camera but wait every smartphone has the camera, yes you are right the main innovation that Oppo Find X has is not the camera but where the camera is placed. It is same as the slide keypad we used to use but now it is the slide camera, check it by yourself:-

Oppo Find X

Image Credits – The Verge

Oppo launched it in Paris on June 19, 2018, with Screen to Body Ratio 93.80% as claimed by Oppo which is more than Vivo Nex 91.24% though they both owned by the same company BBK Electronics and it also owns One Plus.

What about Specifications

sony xperia xz2 premium review in hindi Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor.
Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium 6.4 inch Full HD+ OLED Display.
Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium 16MP + 20MP Dual Rear Camera | 25MP Front Camera.
 6 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM.
sony xperia xz2 premium review in hindi 3730 mAh Battery, Support VOOC Super Fast Charging.
 Android Oreo 8.1

It takes 0.5 seconds for the slide camera to completely open but it does not feature fingerprint screen scanner though 3d facial scanner which is “O-Face” is there for biometric verification and is 20 times safer than fingerprint scanner as claimed by Oppo.

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How long the motor will last

Though the sliding of the camera looks fantastic and it will also prevent the front camera and back camera lenses from getting scratches and smudges but the major question that is making rounds on the internet is how long the motor will last and as per Oppo, motorized slider has stood up to 300,000 actuations in a durability test.

Slide Keypad phones used to run comfortably for a longer period but they did not have the motor to deal with.

The main question that comes after motor lifespan is battery lifespan which is going to get power from 3730 mAh battery but whether it will affect the battery performance or not that remains to be seen.

What Else

It also features 3d Animoji just like we have seen on iPhone X. Oppo is calling it 3d “Omoji“, and it lets you choose any animal and make a 3d Omoji in real time.

And Oppo Find X will be priced at EUR 999 and will be made available in August.

But this is not enough, there’s also a Limited Lamborghini Edition that has 512GB storage, carbon fibre back, and Super VOOC Flash Charge. This version is priced at EUR 1,699.

Though it has been claimed by Oppo that VOOC super fast charging can beat dash charging as it can charge from 0 to 100 percent battery within 25 minutes and 2500 mAh within 15 minutes.

Chart of Super VOOC

Image Credits – Gsmarea.com

Whether the slide camera will become a new trend in the smartphone industry or not but one thing is clear that no matter what innovation should never be stopped as they make our lives more productive and comfortable and Oppo with Find X shows it can be delivered in a fantastic manner.

And who knows It might get featured in a James Bond movie as new gadget from Q branch😜

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