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Most Unique Solar Plant that floats on Water in Madhya Pradesh

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As you must have got to know about the information you will find in this article which is the World’s largest Floating Solar Plant at Omkareshwar Dam, Madhya Pradesh.

This is a very very good news for India since day by day we are moving towards a better future and creating an eco-friendly environment for our future generation by installing more and more solar panels.

The World’s largest Floating solar energy project is to be constructed at Omkareshwar dam on the Narmada river and will be operational by 2023.

Check out the below image which is an artistic view of a floating solar plant, though below is an artistic view, it could just look like the below image:-

floating solar plant









Key Features and Highlights:-

1) Once constructed, this most unique solar plant could generate 600 MW by utilizing solar energy.

2) The plant would be located on Omkareshwar dam in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh

3) This awesome solar plant project would cost somewhere around 410 million dollars which is equivalent to INR 30 billion.

4) There will be three agencies such as the International Finance Corporation, World Bank and Power Grid would be helping in this project.

5) Since it will be based on the water, no land would be required except for electric cabinets and grid connections.

6) Cooling: The floating power plant allows the usage of a simpler cooling system. The cooling mechanism although is natural but also can be activated by generating a water layer on the PV modules or using submerged PV modules.


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