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3 more ways have been added to YouTube to earn

YouTube instantly has become livelihood of many people and there are some people who have made fortunes just from it, for example, Piwdipie who’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of January.

But from past years declined has been noted in YouTube earnings and do you know why.

Yes, you guessed it right “Adblocker” but we can’t just accuse people who use adblockers as sometimes advertisement really annoys us and plays and when it is not required.

To make up to this YouTube has come with 3 new ways by which YouTubers can earn more money.

  1. YouTube as a Netflix

With the new feature, it has become mini Netflix.

Since the launch of the new feature, YouTubers can earn from paid membership which will be a collection of exclusive videos, content, members-only emoji and badges, and other services for $4.99 monthly and YouTube will charge 30% of the membership also.

Who knows it will be a success or not but there are some people who follow their YouTubers religiously and may pay for the subscription for the exclusive services.

But there is one limitation in it as YouTube has made an eligibility criterion for the paid subscription which is 100,000 subscribers, which means you need to be popular before you make some extra bucks.

Though, they have also mentioned that the eligibility criteria may change in future. So, don’t worry folks have patience.


     2. YouTube as an Amazon

Apart from having features similar to Netflix, YouTube has also started offering its YouTubers to sell on YouTube like Amazon.

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YouTubers can now be able to sell on YouTube as the items they want to sell will be shown below the video section and all the items will be shipped by Teespring and Google will small amount of each transaction.

There are 20 different categories which can be sold on it.

Initially, the e-commerce program will only be available to the U.S. YouTubers who have 10,000 or more followers.

Earn from YouTube like Amazon

    3. YouTube as a Premiere

With Premiere option, YouTubers can make a short video to make a trailer of their videos which can promote their content in advance and can generate a lot of views as all these will be in a landing page of the YouTubers.

Apart from above-mentioned option Premiere also feature Super Chat paid-messaging features, which was made available only on live streams, is now available in prerecorded VOD. (Creators can choose whether or not to leave up the replay of the chat in the post-Premieres debut version of the video.) In addition, Channel Memberships perks (including members-only live chat and emoji) are now available in VOD via YouTube Premieres.


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