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MixMax Alternative | Even Better Than MixMax

In this bustling universe where least people answers call from an unknown source, email is the most ideal approach to get your name before individuals. The issue is; we’re all getting overflowed with messages and in the event that we don’t answer immediately it goes down further into our inbox…and overlooked.

MixMax is an incredible Email Marketing Tool to automate your email campaign with ease. With MixMax one can send emails in different sequences for example if someone read your mail but didn’t reply or some didn’t read and send emails to these audiences.

Also, it lets you know exactly who opens your email and when, Schedule meetings in one email instead of ten, multiple templates, schedule your mail.

A big But is it doesn’t work with Outlook which I know can be frustrated considering such great features this tool provides. Thus below I have mentioned The ultimate MixMax alternatives which really can change the way you work.

Best MixMax alternatives:-


1) SalesHandy:-

This is one of the best MixMax Alternative as it offers almost similar features I should say some of them are better than MixMax.

  • Real-time Tracking:-

Get instant desktop notification when someone opens your email. Users can know email open rate, response rate and time.

  • Email Address:- 

Most tools send email using their unprofessional pseudo email but with SalesHandy you send messages utilizing your associated email address

  • Statistics:- 

Email Analytics provides you with detailed statistics on each and every email sent. You can break down and enhance each and every email to perform better.

Sales Handy Email Tool


With this feature, you are not required to perform the tedious task of copy/paste the email content whenever you need to share similar answers or queries in an email just insert the template from SalesHandy’s add-in



This is one of the best features that I have come across which lets you track the attached document and gives you really useful insights. It can track whether a user has opened the key part of the document, Know how much time your recipient has spent on the document.SalesHandy-Review-Document-Tracking


Features of Document Tracking:

  • Gives Instant Features
  • Can Easily Track Locations
  • Can set the expiration date
  • Document Open Rates
  • Time Spent On the Document
  • Gmail And Outlook Integration
  • Captures the Viewers Details
  • Password Protect Your Documents
  • It has documents management
  • Create and share document folders
  • It also allows downloading

It enables you to create links to share with prospects. You can share reports, word files, PDFs, proposals, etc. With the password protect feature you can keep your documents from unauthorized users from accessing and downloading the document unnecessarily.

Email Merge Campaign With Auto Follow-Up:-

A close connection is provided between automatic email tracking and direct mail campaigns. Depending on the actions of beneficiaries, you systematically receive the main emails as additional activators.

I bet you’d like a 100 percent reply rate via email now. Let’s be honest, with a typical recipient base, such a result is really impossible. And that’s precisely where emails are provided with automatic follow-up, giving you more options.

A second chance, a third better, would actually fit, while a fourth could look like an enlargement. But what do you know? Up to nine options are available in SalesHandy.

MixMax alternative for outlook - saleshandy

Up to nine different tracking steps are offered essentially by the system. All are designed with their own terms for activating, such as ‘ Send it, ‘ ‘ Remove the note, ‘ and ‘ Don’t open. ‘ These steps together provide a fixed funnel for the transduction of the recipient.


Team Reporting

The SalesHandy software team’s reporting feature helps the sales team to work better. The template and email performance of the entire team can be measured by all team members. It enables the team to efficiently coordinate the whole content and reduces inadequate content.



All in one Email Automation Tool:-

Outlook Add-in for SalesHandy unlocks features such as e-mail tracking, link tracking, e-mail schedules, and document tracking. This allows professional decision-makers to make informed data-driven decisions because the recipient has all the required data.

If you are looking for a reliable improvement to increase the productivity of your emails, do not look further now and try out SalesHandy.

You can ensure a growing sales with SalesHandy 2.0. The new and updated user interface makes it super easy to use all the features available. You can learn who your best prospects are and approach them intelligently.

In principle, SalesHandy is built to ensure the company also delivers and keeps customers involved. The system will allow you to analyze the behavior of your customer, find trends, as well as the working documents or email templates.

SalesHandy makes it easy to identify and work on business opportunities so that you can easily scale up your effort using their advanced email campaign and automatic follow up feature, while always being aware of what happens on the other end of your emails. Finally, SalesHandy will enable you to organize your sales teams without effort. The icing on the cake is its 24-7 customer support team that ensures you always take advantage of this incredible solution.






MixMax AlternativeMost Affordable Solution

Why do I offer SalesHandy as an affordable option to MixMax? SalesHandy is a 6-in-one tool that offers a full variety of sophisticated characteristics. Without our favorite communication instruments: Gmail & Outlook, every profession is incomplete.

With functions such as Intelligent Document Tracking, Mail Merge with Auto Monitoring, Email Tracking and Scheduling (FREE forever), individual link tracking and so many more which save your time and money.

SalesHandy not only upgrades your Gmail and Outlook but also provides characteristics with the SMTP setup for all email clients.

MixMax alternative, SalesHandy, helps you efficiently handle 1000 messages in no moment. This amazing tool eliminates tedious assignments and adds value through in-depth analytics for the prime purposes of your day-to-day working lives.

SalesHandy is currently one of the market’s top marketing software. It gives you the most inexpensive three packages and a free choice package. SalesHandy, in my view, is currently one of the highest selling software on the market.