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Chain of mistakes of 4 famous fortune companies

With these famous fortune companies, almost all people in the world are either directly or indirectly associated.

If all the populations of the users of these companies are combined they can fill 40% of the earth population.

But, do you know it was a chain of mistakes by giants which led to the creation of other giants.

1. Apple – Steve Jobs gave up executive control of Apple.

Steve Jobs

He gave up executive control on Apple in 1977. Until then Apple was completely owned by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs could have been the CEO if he wanted to. But he gave the executive control to Mike Markkula. When Markkula stepped down as CEO, Jobs was ready to be the CEO. The only problem was that it was no longer Steve’s decision – and the board at Apple Inc. wasn’t too keen on hiring a 28-year-old to run the fast-growing company. Later Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. The absence of Steve Jobs in the company opened up a wide door for competitors, especially Microsoft.

2. Microsoft – Bill Gates did not prioritize search engine development.

Bill Gates

Microsoft introduced internet to millions of users with their Windows 95 operating system bundled with internet explorer in 1995. But they hadn’t even bothered to develop a search engine of their own ,until Google grabbed the opportunity.

In 2006, they launched Windows live search which could not compete with Google. In 2009, they finally made a reliable search engine Bing which holds a market share, next to Google and Yahoo, in search engine market.

3. Google – Larry Page missed on a new internet boom, Social networking.

Larry Page


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Google was so busy in building an ecosystem which made them overlook the gold mine called social networking. It is not a difficult task for Google to rule social networking after creating a successful ecosystem with their innovation. Google gave birth to Facebook by not grabbing the opportunity on social networking.

Though Google launched Orkut and Google Buzz but they did not give that much of attention which they would have given it today after watching Facebook grow faster than any other.

4. Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg missing the opportunity on instant messaging.

Mark Zukerberg

Enjoying the monopoly on Social networking, they missed out on instant messaging. They made a wonderful Facebook messenger app which would connect people through their Facebook account. But they could have made things a lot easier by connecting people with their mobile numbers. This has been done by Whatsapp and cost Facebook $19 billion dollars.

Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billion dollars.

However, one can see it is as a mistake but it could also be seen as a matter of priority as these giants focused more on strength rather than on weakness.



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