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Mind Blowing facts about world’s most valuable company Apple!!

Have you ever wondered about these mind blowing facts about world’s most valuable company Apple and if not then these facts will blow your mind like in pieces.

The amount of cash Apple has. $285 Billion (~ Rs 18.5 lakh crore). Most of us would know that Apple is the most valuable company and has a market capitalization of more than $910 Billion (~ Rs 59 lakh crore). But here I will tell you few amazing things that Apple can do with its cash and how is Apple able to earn so much money: Apple has enough money to give everyone on the planet$37 (~Rs 2400) OR every Indian $208 (~Rs 13,500).


  1. Apple has enough cash to buy Netflix, Uber, Tesla, Twitter, and Snapchat together.
  2. It has enough money to buy India’s3 biggest companies, Reliance, TCS and HDFC Bank and still have around $40 Billion left.                                          
  3. If Apple was a country, in terms of cash reserves it would be in the 11th position.It has more cash reserves than the USA (who has $123 Billion) but less than India who has $420 Billion. That means theoretically, except 10 countries, Apple can buy any country.
  4. Apple can buy all public and private banks, 2 wheeler companies, 3 wheeler companies, automobile companies together if we do not take HDFC bank into consideration.
  5. Microsoft has $134 Billion in cash, Google $100 Billion, Facebook has $38 Billion and Amazon has only $25 Billion in cash. If you total the cash of above 4 companies, it will be little higher than Apple’s cash reserves.

But how is Apple able to earn so much? Samsung manufactures the highest number of phones but how does Apple earn the highest?

It is because Apple earnings per device are much higher than its competitors. Apple earns around $150 (~Rs 9750) per iPhone that it sells. Do you know how much its competitors earns per phone sold?

Samsung, which has the second highest earnings per phone, earns $31 (~ Rs 1900). Then Huawei earns $15 (~ Rs 960). Oppo earns $14 (~ Rs 900), Vivo earns $13 (Rs 833) while Xiaomi earns only $2 (~ Rs 128) per phone.

Apple’s stock price in 2003 was less than 1$ while now it is around $180. If you had invested $1000 (~ Rs 60,000) in 2003, it would be worth over $180,000 (~ Rs 1.08 crores).

Why is Apple able to charge such a premium on its device? It is because the focus of Apple is to build best devices with the best user experience. Apple has a lot of brand loyalty and many people are connected emotionally to the brand. It is because Apple is able to make people fall in love with its products.

Steve Jobs


Apple is about to be a trillion dollar company in 2018. But around 70% of Apple’s revenues come from iPhone sales and since last few years, it has not been able to come up with a major innovation. Only time will tell, how much more successful Apple will be.


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