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Do we need to learn life lessons?

Do we need to learn life lessons?

Let me tell you a famous story if you have not heard it before and if not then it will be a great experience before I answer the question which is “Do we need to learn life lessons??”.

There was a farmer whose only horse ran away. That day the neighbors gathered to console about the incident and they said “Your farm will suffer, and now how will you cultivate,” . ” It was your only horse and it is dissatorous thing happened to you”.

Horse Running

He said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

The next day the horse was eating grass in their farm but brought with it seven wild horses, and the neighbors came to congratulate him and exclaim at his good fortune. “You have become richer than there was only one horse!” they said. “Without any doubt this has turned out to be a good thing for you, inspite of what has happened with you.”

He said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

The following day, his son tried to ride one of the wild horses. He fell down and broke his leg, and he was not able to work on the farm. Again the neighbors came to offer their sympathy for the incident. “Now who will handle all the work as you are alone, and it will effect your wealth a lot or you coud become poor” they said. “Surely this is a terrible misfortune.”

The old farmer said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

The day after that, conscription officers came to the village to seize young men for the army, but because of his broken leg the farmer’s son was rejected. When the neighbors came again, they said, “How things have worked out in favour of you after all. Most young men never return alive from the war. Surely this is the best of fortunes for you!”

And the old man said, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

Has anything caught your attention, No??

Let me tell you above story offers no lessons at all.

What appears right today may turn out to be wrong in future.

Like everything around us has changed drastically just like that we have to change the way we think.

Those who think that they have learned any lesson from life are actually like the villagers of this Zen story who don’t understand the mysteries of life.

They don’t understand that for every thesis, there is an antithesis.

Going over your head, wait!! Let me describe it in more detail.

  • When you start a business you incur a huge loss and you think that you can’t do the business.
  • When you share a secret with a friend and he or she reveals that secret, you learn a lesson that people can’t be trusted.
  • When you invest in share and lose all your money, you learn the lesson that you should not invest in shares.
  • When you find a corrupt officer living the life of luxury, you learn the lesson that it is foolish to be honest
  • When you work hard to get a job and succeed, you learn the lesson that you got the job due to your hard work.

None of these life lessons are universal truths that happen to everyone every time.

What happened to you as a result of numerous factors at that point of time.

Since the same situation is never going to arise in future, you can’t use the same lessons in future.

  • You start a business and you get huge profit and you think you are made for business.
  • Your life could be even more miserable if you stop trusting
  • People can make huge money investing in stocks
  • A corrupt person may be arrested and go to jail
  • Many people succeed working smart rather than working hard

It is for this reason that one should not learn any lessons from life because there is no lesson taught by life.

What has been working for you will not work next time.

Life is a game and you have to play the best shot depending upon the stroke life played against you.

You cannot win the game of life if you keep playing the same shot with it all the time.

You need to think and find the solutions according to the situation you are in.


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