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Awesome life hacks that you must have never heard of!!

We always try to find hacks in every situation of our life but sometimes we find it and sometimes we don’t but when we find it our task or problem becomes so easy which we had never imagined and below you will find out of the box life hacks which one can effectively use in their day to day life.


  • You all must be a subscriber to Amazon Prime account and if yes then this is a pro tip. If you have .edu email address this lets you watch almost unlimited T.V. and movies through Amazon.


  • Whenever we are surfing the internet or any website and spacebar get pressed it scrolls down a webpage, but if you hold the shift key and hit the space bar it’ll scroll back up.


  • Whenever you are depressed, do some cleaning or some exercise because straightening out the physical aspects of our life can also bring clarity to the mental one.


  • Take a photo of your important prescriptions always, it helps when you are home away and got an unexpected toothache or something much serious. Please note that you need a prescription to purchase all sort of critical drugs, it helps that moment!


  • Ever caught in a situation when your camera gets stolen, don’t worry just go to Stolen Camera Finder. Here is the interesting the part because the way they track your camera is simply incredible. Every photo you take with your digital camera contains hidden information about both the image and the camera such as the make, model and date. This information, called exif data, can also include a unique serial number which identifies your camera.You just have to upload any old picture from your camera (with an embedded serial number) and it will show you if someone has been posting images with a matching serial number on the internet.


  • On www.snesfun.con you can play almost every single old Nintendo game for free.


  • Almost all people in the world try to find out the solution of the problem on Google but when “Solved” is added to the search query you can find the answer much faster.


  • In your life, you must have come across a lot of tense situations and workload which lead to a headache but don’t worry you can cure the headache with just 10 – 12 almonds equivalent to 2 aspirins for a migraine headache.


  • Struggling to keep the motivation up, here is the golden tip, just keep motivated until a habit is made and after that, the routine will do the rest.


  • Want to get textbook for your college and don’t have much money to purchase, don’t worry Bill and Melinda Gates made a website that provides free textbooks for college students 100% legally OpenStax

  • SponsorChange is an organization that will help you pay off your student loan debt in exchange for volunteer work