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Is it worth to use Dvorak keyboard for Programming?

Programming is what makes a software work and to make it work, software engineers make sure that the coding remains error free and a keyboard plays an important part in making a code error free. As programmers sometime miss type some of the characters and symbol in the code which later cause a big headache to them.

Normally we use the Qwerty keyboard to type a code but have you ever wondered why the Qwerty keyboard has such an order of alphabets?

The Qwerty keyboard was designed by thinking writing machine in mind as it needs some time to reach to the paper and back to their original position when someone types and the solution for it is to slow down the typing process so that the writing machine doesn’t get jammed.

But Dvorak Keyboard (named after its inventor, Dr.Dovarak), is made by thinking Speed in mind.

By putting the most commonly used letters all on the home row, typists can quickly spell out over 5,000 words without ever moving a finger.

Does Dvorak Keyboard worth for Programmers?

Dvorak Keyboard

You can get the answer by reading this.

It is great for Programmers who need speed and accuracy as it allows you to move your fingers all around the most used Alphabets.

The satisfaction that you get when you type fast and correct letters every time you hit the keyboard comes with Dvorak.

If you are travelling on a train or plane, and you are working on your laptop, it is just so much more comfortable to be using Dvorak.  Qwerty people go on-and-on about ergonomic keyboards, mechanical keyboards, blah blah blah.  Dvorak users don’t care — all keyboards are comfortable.


But there are disadvantages of using the Dvorak Keyboard too:-

1. Learning part is time-consuming as you have to devote a lot of time to learn to type on Dvorak keyboard. First, you will feel new to you the layout as it will be completely new to you and after some time you will get frustrated with slow typing as opposed to what it should be but you have to keep on practising it and if you want to give up then give up, Yes you read it right because sometimes when you start after you giving up you get good at it and there are online courses primarily to learn Dvorak Keyboard like this which can help you a lot in the process of learning.


2. Once you learn it becomes an addiction as it will be difficult to use the Qwerty Keyboard you have on your smartphone which everyone uses very frequently and you will have to adjust your typing pattern if you are using someone else’s keyboard. This switching back and forth can slow many typists down.

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3.  If you use short-cuts like control+c and control+v on a lot in applications which isn’t possible or practical to re-bind these short-cut keys in.  These shortcuts are less efficient by default with Dvorak since the ‘c’ and ‘v’ keys are on the opposite side of the keyboard. This forces you to either execute the shortcut with two hands or move your left hand to the right side of the keyboard. The real annoyance is that shortcuts are often used in conjunction with mouse selection.

Another great option but not for speed but for but to reduce hand stress is Kinesis Advantage2 but with less hand stress you get a happy side effect of speed too.

Kinesis Advantage2 ergonomic keyboard

There are so many features that this awesome keyboard offers like better mechanical switches, easy to customize, looks and so on.

The Kinesis keyboard retains the familiar Qwerty layout while incorporating important ergonomic features, including:

  • Separate thumb keypads
  • Separate key wells for each hand
  • Concave key wells
  • Vertical key layout
  • Closer placement of function keys
  • 20-degree lateral tilt design
  • Integral palm support
  • Low-force tactile key switches
  • Embedded 10-key layout
  • Key re-mapping
  • Macro programmable
  • Optional foot switches
  • Smaller footprint

With the above features, you don’t have to put unnecessary work to type which is I guess the ultimate purpose any Keyboard.

It’s easy to learn to type on this Keyboard as it offers similar layout like we ofter use Qwerty Keyboard.

Well, the debate on whether a certain keyboard can speed up the typing might never end but one thing is clear that one should never stop experimenting to improve the productivity.


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