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Is world’s most valuable company Apple going to fall

A lot of people are die-hard fan of Apple and there are a lot of people who can also stand in the very long queue to get the iPhone on the very first day, because of it’s superior build design, features, innovativeness and of all a perfect status symbol but!! even after all of this, is fall of Apple near??Well iPhone battery slow down controversy hit the most to the Apple as they admitted that they intentionally slowed down the iPhone to make their customer pay for the newer iPhone but keep in mind that other handsets makers also indulge in this type of unethical activities in order to make their customer pay for the new phone, but iPhone slow down hit the most to the Apple because public was not expecting this from their most loved brand.

Apple iPhone X

iPhone sales started to decline even before the controversy and reasons were and are:-

  • Android is as good as iOS, if not better.
  • Android phones continue to be better than iPhones.
  • Android’s seamless integration with Google’s relentlessly-improving cloud products supports a shift away from the iPhone and icloud is not what I was expecting from Apple considering the competition in cloud market.
  • The iPhone is the heart of the Apple ecosystem. Its decline leads to a reduction in Apple Watch and iPad market share. The MacBook is also under attack from a much-improved Microsoft Windows.
  • Android’s dominance of market means Android apps get priority, a switch that is already taking place.
  •  lack of innovation.

Of all this, I would say lack of innovation has remained the main reason for the decline of sale in their products and hard competition has always been there for Apple and I also admit these 2 to 3 years competition has become fierce but Apple has always slammed competitor with its amazing innovation.

However, lack of innovations started to come into the light since the launch of iPhone 7 and I don’t want to go into technicality.

Steve Jobs- Think Different

I know you all must be thinking about face unlock of iPhone X and yes you got right it’s a good innovation but what is required by Apple to not just stay in the game but be a market leader like it is right now is to develop revolutionary products like Apple first ever smartphone as Apple’s competitors have sped up their r&d at very faster rate if not at the same rate and with very affordable price.

If Steve Jobs were alive, iPhone 5c would have never existed and he would have implemented a lot changes in Apple considering the current circumstances and I am not an expert but Apple must have made any strategy to counter to all of these.

But Apple’s decline would not be nearly as –  fast as BlackBerry’s or Nokia’s. Why? Because, unlike them, Apple has an entire ecosystem, a lot of cash reserve and because the iPhone isn’t being radically disrupted like BlackBerry and Nokia were (by the iPhone) and this article can prove my point wright Mind Blowing facts about world’s valuable company Apple!!

However, all of this is not merely a threat. It has already started…

iPhone Lover.

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