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Most Interesting Facts about Google Dinosaur Game

You must have come across in a situation when your internet doesn’t work and you remain frustrated until the internet resumes but in the meantime, Google’s dinosaur game comes into the rescue us.

But there is one most interesting fact about the Famous Google’s Dinosaur Game I bet you must not have known about it.

Let’s start with the game:-

All you need to do to play this is to turn off the internet on your device.


Okay, so if you are good at this game, you must have noticed that it has a day/night cycle which starts when you reach a score of 700.


The white screen turns black with a flash.


This continues till you reach a score of 850, after which the screen turns back to white, i.e daytime.


The night scene comes back when you score another 700 points, i.e you reach 1400.


So, you get to witness the night setting in the game after every approximate 700 points you score.



Score :- 773. (1st night)

Google Dinosaur Game








Score :- 1455. (2nd night)

Google Dinosaur Game night







Score :- 2117. (3rd night)

Dinosaur Game








So, dear readers, did you notice what I actually want you to notice?


I bet you did not.


Look carefully at each of the three photos above.


See any difference?


You still don’t get it, do you?


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Okay, let me tell.


Look at the moon in each of those photos.




The first photo has a crescent moon, the second one has a half moon, followed by a full moon in the third.


In this legendary dinosaur game, there is a moon that actually changes its phases just like in reality.


Full moon eclipse







Did anyone notice this earlier?


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