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8 Innovative Apps That Are Too Awesome To Miss!

The Internet is full of tech reviews and articles on top apps or best apps for a particular smartphone but in this article, you will find the most innovative apps which can be operated in every smartphone.

Though most of the apps are downloaded on smartphones to ease our work but apart from easing your work these innovative and creative apps are fun to use.

Without wasting any more time let’s start the list:-

Top Innovative and Creative Apps:-

1) Runkeeper(free) :-


Nowadays almost everyone has become health conscious and started hitting the gym to remain fit but did you know that the most crucial reason for most of the people who stick to going to a gym is other people.

Yes, you read it right, by watching people working hard in the gym makes others continue to workout. The short story is people motivates other people.

Now you can be healthy and active without hitting the gym with Runkeeper app as one can compete with others by joining the community and your friends.

You can set Goals, invite friends and race with them, share your progress on social media and get a personalized weekly report for you and many more.

The kind of features that this app offers make it most innovative, unique and creative app.

2) Bodyspace(free) :-


This is another a great fitness app and the kind features it has makes it a must app for those whose trainer is not upto the mark or wants to get trained without any trainer.

You will find workout programs built by Ph.D.’s, Professional Trainers and top Athletes such as Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin and Jamie Eason.

There is a whole list of customization in Bodyspace like choosing a fitness program according to your need, goal age, gender, experience and even number of workouts per week.

You can also find perfect exercise based on the muscle group, exercise type, and equipment and watch videos to get complete details of the workout with live feeds of your friend and followers.

3) Kiwi.com(Free) :-


Ever regretted getting charged higher flight fares as compared to others, if yes then this app will be a lifesaver for you.

Kiwi.com is the combinations of everything you want to get an awesome flight experience as Kiwi.com views 18 billion cheap flight combinations hourly to find you the best deals, offer active customer service in 17 different languages and price alert feature which makes you updated with every new deals and price drops.

It also Guarantees that you’ll get your destination even if you miss the flight because of unexpected flight delay or cancellation.

Apart from the above features, you can also save all the important travel documents on this app such as e-tickets and boarding passes.

4) Letterspace(Free):-


This app is dedicated for iOS lovers.

iPhone users know the limitation of the default note-taking app of iPhone which is organization and #tag Letterspace has found the solution of it but it is not the first one to use it for organizing the notes but do offers beautiful design, easy to use interference and it makes scrolling easy with unique swipe bar.

It has perfectly been placed just above the keyboard which makes it pretty handy and makes writing distraction free.

5) Pushbullet(free):-


This app is built for both Android and iOS users.

It truly integrates all your devices and some pretty cool features, you can accept or decline a call from your browser, reply to messages – text, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.. etc.

I personally use Pushbullet to let me use my laptop to read/send SMS, share browser pages from my phone to my pc, and move files back and forth between phone and laptop.

It brings your distant devices, even more closer than before.

The kind of features this app offer makes it one of the most innovative and unique app.

6) Vocabulary.com(Paid):-


If you’re looking to improve your vocab, look nowhere. This is such a cool, cloud-based vocabulary app, you’ll find it worth every penny you spent. Makes learning fun with its uniquely effective word learning system and games.

Vocabulary.com asks 120,000 questions that teach 12,000 words and personalize the learning experience according to you and you can also compete with users throughout the World.

Apart from personal learning it also makes you better in professional ones like GRE, SAT or TOEFL by covering everything from standardized tests to breaking news.

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7) Calm(Free):-

Calm App

In the World of so of much work pressure, tension and stress we never able to get time to find our inner peace. Now you don’t have to worry anymore because with this incredible app you can start the journey to a calmer mind.

It brings more clarity, focus, joy, distraction, and peace in your daily life through meditation programs crafted by World class gurus.

It also features sleep stories which guarantee to lull you to sleep.

8) Splitwise(Free) :-

Splitwise app

Ever stuck in a situation where you have to spit the bills between your roommates but hesitate to ask for if yes, then this app is for you as it provides great flexibility in spitting the household bills with roommates, to figure out costs for a group vacation, or just to remember when a friend spots you for lunch.

Immaculate design and smooth operations. It can work on Android, iPhone, and the web (http://splitwise.com), you can view your balances, track spending trends, set up email reminders for bills, and much much more!

However, if you want to add a dummy friend so that not every friend in a group needs to have the app there is way around like you can add @example.com addresses to Splitwise. Jane_Doe@example.com will make a fake friend called Jane Doe you can add bills with, for example.

This is one of the most unique and creative apps available right now.

I hope you liked our post if you have any other apps which you think should be added to this list please free to comment as it is opened 24/7.

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