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iBall SoundWave 2-2.0 Review

iBall Sound Wave 2-2.0

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  • Ultra-Portable and elegant design
  • Deliver clear and detailed sound
  • Compatible with PC, Laptop and Tablet
  • 2 Years Warranty


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iBall SoundWave 2-2.0 has become very popular among masses as it boasts amazing features and today I will be reviewing it to know whether iBall Sound Wave 2-2.0 really has all those features which will help you make informed decision to buy iBall Sound Wave 2-2.0.

iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

The iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers finishes your quest for top-quality music speakers that come with strong noise generating ability and a compact structure that makes them mobile in nature. Due to their lightweight function, these compact 2.0 multimedia speakers are simple to perform while the stylish structure helps them look unique. Higher durability provides a sturdy body. These speakers can be operated with USB so you can listen to your favorite music in a comfortable way. Using 2-inch controllers, the 2 separate speakers were incorporated with each other.

Better Sound Output

These stylish multimedia speakers provide strong noise with a response frequency of 90Hz-20kHz. These speakers ‘ cutting-edge sound technique guarantees that there is less distortion and you can hear with maximum precision to every acoustic. The volume controller function makes the sound volume easier to boost and reduce. You can use these speakers with a PC, computer, or tablet since the speakers come with a 3.5 mm sound connector.

iBall Sound Wave 2-2.0 review

Portable to Move

If you’re a music lover and you commonly travel, then these iBall Soundwave 2 amplifiers are perfect for your use. The sound production is of a superior level with a 4-ohm impedance and the music is likely to efficiently achieve every corner of the space. If you want to carry your music collection wherever you go, this makes it a nice value-for-money item. The speakers can be used not only for music but also to watch films and playing games.

Additional Features

Simply use a USB to power these speakers. These 408 g mobile iBall speakers exist in 20.7 x 10.8 x 10.7 cm sizes. The amplifiers have a setup of 2.0 channels, a signal-to-noise ratio of 60 dB and a gap of 65 dB.

You can not simply forget the iBall Soundwave 2 mobile speakers if you like to listen to your music wherever you go. You appreciate your favorite songs whether you’re on the road or organizing a party through this mobile entertainment device. With an impedance of 4 ohm, the iBall stereo speakers have an extremely amazing sound production and a perfect simplicity. They are also elegant with their highly mobile layout. iBall stereo speakers have an irresistible cost tag, offering you full value for cash with such diverse characteristics!


Connectivity is never an issue with the iBall multimedia speakers as they are easily consistent with a broad spectrum of instruments that are perfect for gaming, music or viewing films through the 3.5 mm audio jack and USB cable. Both speakers are incorporated with two-inch controllers that provide an impeccable sound performance with a frequency reaction of 90-20000Hz. These are one of the finest mobile speakers with an in-line volume sensor for immediate volume modification and configurations popular for simple checks. Buy the iBall soundwave2 highly light internet and appreciate booming music anytime and anywhere.


These speakers are designed to be ultra-portable and provide excellent sound performance. The quantity controller in-line adds more points to the department of comfort. The speakers are stereo-enabled and support USB as their input medium to ensure that you’re never without your music.

And if you ever get stuck with an issue with this speaker you can contact iBall support as they provide 2 years of warranty.