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iBall Booster BTH review

iBall Booster BTH - 5.1


Overall Rating



  • High power output and low distortion circuit
  • Fully functional remote control
  • Individual channel volume control
  • Digital touch buttons
  • Total Output: 120W RMS


  • Design

iBall has improved a lot over a few years and has delivered many awesome products and iBall Booster BTH is one of them and today I will be reviewing it and will also try to be as neutral as possible which will help you make better decisions for this products.

iBall Booster BTH:-

The booster speakers for iBall 5.1 are perfect for individuals who want to enjoy the full hearing experience. Wirelessly stream music through any device activated by Bluetooth. Advanced technique for Bluetooth 4.0–Audio transmission of high performance. These speakers are focused on enhancing sound performance. The iBall booster 5.1 amplifiers are specialized in minimizing internal interference by incorporating a high-power production and low-distortion system to enhance the performance of the audio being supplied.

The iBall speakers also come with a fully integrated remote that makes operating the entire scheme simpler for you. The iBall speakers are ideal for both business and residential buildings, incorporating a 5.1 channel setup.


The 5.1 speaker looks very classy and sophisticated thanks to the wooden chassis, adding a tint of glamor to the room’s esthetic attraction. The wooden cover also guarantees that the sound quality is improved with the strong iBall booster amplifiers offering you the best of any hearing experience. The scheme also comes with a transparent LED screen indicating which track is being performed at the moment. Also, this LED display gives you information about the volume concentrations and the configurations and methods used.

iBall Booster BTH - 5.1

Reduces Distortions, Amplifies Sound

The 5.1 amplifiers come with a subwoofer that enables you to reduce the undesired sound. This iBall speaker scheme operates perfectly well when it comes to removing impurities from noise with a large signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, the mixture of satellite amplifiers and subwoofer guarantees that even the tiniest tune can be amplified by the iBall USB amplifiers to offer you a great hearing experience. In addition, the magnetic shielding of the iBall 5.1 amplifiers prevents other objects from interacting with the sound production. So you can put them securely next to your television.

Additional Features:-

It is one of the few speakers which can easily be connected to PC, MP3, Walkman, etc.  When it comes to audio it produces high quality audio output with a very low distortion which means you can feel the music and experience it to every lyric.

It also comes with Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 Technology which helps Stream music wirelessly through any Bluetooth enabled device.

If you are thinking of changing the music manually then let me remind you that it supports remote control features and most the buttons are digital touch buttons which give a nice modern look and feel.

If you ever stuck in an issue with this classy speaker then you can avail the 1-year warranty.

I hope I was able to provide you all the information you needed to make an informed decision for iBall Booster BTH 5.1.