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With these steps India definitely can become a Superpower

With these steps, India definitely can become a Superpower

How India can become a Superpower? Well, it’s a trillion dollar question and every politician brag about this in every election on making India a Superpower and I know they brag and boast about almost everything.

Do you know why do they brag and boast about, Yes you get it, wright, to get votes and to win no matter which political party you support all are same they just want to fill their pockets.

India is a democratic country where every decision are made through a lot of discussions but what gets left in the discussion is the implementation of the rule and politicians just keep on discuss it and keep on delay the law or any results and there are so many examples but I do not want to share them as it will make my article more political than it is now.

However, the core factors which makes a country a Superpowers are Purchasing Power, Military Power, Economic Growth, Soft Power and Unity.

But most important of all is the will to implement certain rules or strategies which makes a country scores well in all the above points. But Political Parties hardly do anything which is against their will and this raises the question of How India Can Become A World Power?

Now answer to above questions lies in a single most controversial word which is “Dictatorship“.

Yes, dictatorship can make India a Superpower, because India’s condition has gone from bad to worse with every passing day it keeps on worsening and it is at the peak of corruption.

No matter whom you choose, corruption will never stop because of the self-interest of politicians.


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Instead, Politicians should take the advantage of India already has such as India has world’s largest Young Population and there are around 125 million people in India who speaks English which means we don’t have to project the soft power as it is already projected. But No!! they just want to fill their pockets.

And now let me explain why dictatorship is the only option to save India.


This is Zayed bin Al Nahyan, the Emir (Ruler) of Abu Dhabi and first President of the United Arab Emirates, a post which he held for the period of almost 33 years, having absolute power and being essentially a dictator for life.

Zayed bin Al Nahyan

He was the practical driving force behind the formation of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), and during his reign UAE was transformed from a desert into a modern country and international center.

Before & After of UAE


The biggest advantage of dictators is that they are very effective at achieving whatever goals they set before themselves.

This is Pol Pat, a dictator of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. He made urban dwellers move to the countryside to work on forced labor projects in collective farms.

Pol Pat, a dictator

His actions led to a death of 25 percent of the Cambodian population.

He starved his own people to death, as well killed many people in his execution campaigns.

Cambodia Genocide

The biggest disadvantage of dictators is that they are very effective at achieving whatever goals they set before themselves.

Living in a dictatorship is no joke because it is like living in a casino. You get lucky, you get a benevolent dictator, and your country is doing well or if you get unlucky, you get an ominous dictator, your country is falling apart and you are on the edge of starvation, possibly waiting for an execution.

So, it’s more gambling but it would be best to gamble than let all political parties take advantage of the public and fill their pockets.

As I mentioned before that there are other driving factors for a country to become a superpower for example diplomacy, education, equal rights among religions and there are many other factors too but the main thing is the implementation.




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