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Gmelius Review | A No NonSense Review

Emails. We all interact with them. And most of us fear unorganized email inboxes that never end. Our boxes are constantly being embarrassed by unorganized emails over the years, and there is no way to organize our e-mails. They just continue to pour in.

Also, we don’t have planning, sequencing or saving e-mail templates many intelligent functions. This is the reason why I chose to check out Gmelius, an automated email and shared Gmail boxing tool.

Gmelius is #1 on my 2019 list of Gmail’s finest add-ons, so it was only the email tool which has every feature to make you more productive.

Supported Platforms

  1. Available for iOS
  2. Available for Android
  3. Browsers Supported: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Brave

Target Audience and Ideal Team Size

  • Small- and mid-sized teams (up to 200 members)
  • SMBs: Accounting, Legal, Insurance, Agencies, Real Estate, HR and IT organizations
  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers

What is unique about Gmelius?

Right from Ermias Giovanni who is The CMO of Gmelius.

Gmelius is very simple to use as it flawlessly incorporates with Gmail inbox, giving a just about zero expectation to learn and adapt. Achieving an easy to understand interface, A user-friendly interface is a challenge for Gmail in the development of technology.

Our interesting mix of mechanization and coordinated effort highlights consolidate outer and inside correspondences, making it superfluous to switch between different arrangements. Likewise, Gmelius’ portable applications eradicate the limitations of reality, while grasping ultra-effectiveness and taking a shot at the go.

Gmelius is a 100% in-house arrangement; which means we don’t outsource any of our challengings to keep up highlights or customer support (as done by our rivals). Henceforth our almost 5-star ratings and reviews concerning our item and particularly our help. Structured in Switzerland, Gmelius ensures data protection and security.

1. Design & Ease of Use – 8.5 out of 10

It was effortless to start with Gmelius. Just install the Gmail add-on from the browser extensions folder and give it your permission to do so by email. That’s everything it takes to get Gmelius began.

You are welcomed with a useful visit on your first login which will explain how you can use the various parts of the extension in Gmail. The first thing you notice is the red Gmelius logo in the Apps section on the right-hand side. Clicking on the logo opens up a whole fresh range on how to handle your messages.

When you open the email composition dialog box, Gmelius is nice to fantastic. All of a sudden you will notice that additional alternatives except the usual Gmail formatting characteristics. The extension is so smoothly integrated with Gmail like Google itself constructed it native.

Gmelius also comes with a smart dashboard that lets you build, report, and more automation. Overall, the design is well thought out and the material design is very useful.

2. Features and Functionality – 8.7 out of 10

You can get all you need to handle your email inbox better with Gmelius. You are able to track e-mails and link clicks, to create sequential conditional emails which are automatically sent in order to save time and effort.

You can also share your email inbox with your team members. You will be able to access the inbox. Review the characteristics of Gmelius one at a time.


Your main control room for all your Gmelius setting is the Gmelius Dashboard. You can generate email templates, sequences, campaigns, etc using this dashboard and use them in Gmail later via your email composer.

You can likewise manage your group, measure billing and screen other managerial settings through the Gmelius Dashboard.


  • Inbox and Emails

The email box with Gmelius is full of characteristics, and not to forget about its fine design modifications which are amazing. It nearly feels like Google’s stock addition.

Gmelius has worked admirably in keeping the stock look and feel of your Gmail inbox a similar at the same time adding huge amounts of valuable highlights to it.

Here is the appearance of the Gmail inbox once Gmelius is activated:


You must be wondering what has changed since it looks completely similar to a normal Gmail Inbox but look closely of the arrows I have drawn so that you can recognize the small yet powerful changes that Gmelius has featured in Gmail.

This was about the Gmail Inbox, but what about composing an Email which is the main thing:-



Did you notice the new icons added to the bottom toolbar? Let’s find out about their functionalities:-


  • Email Tracking

You can monitor the various parts of the email you send with Gmelius. This involves:

  • Tracking email tog-touch: Activate and/or disable email tracking with one button
  • Click and Link Tracking: see who clicks links you share
  • Open and Click Rates: see who opens or reads emails
  • Tracking by Recipient: see who reads and sends your messages to a group of recipients.

Read receipts are usually received via conventional email boxes. However, who has clicked on the connections you are sending, how many individuals have opened your email from one batch/group, and no conventional e-mail inbox is able to enable/disable tracks with one toggle. These instruments are available on specialist email marketing platforms.

These features can really increase productivity to a greater extent:-



  • Email Scheduling

Next up–planning for email. Sometimes we want emails to be scheduled.

You may be an independent person working with an offshore customer and wish to order promptly. Or at one time on the day that you may not have internet connectivity accessible, you just need to send an email.

Either way, Gmelius can assist you to plan your email. Just enter your email and click the Send latter button as per your convenient time and then, Gmelius will send the email for you without having you to manual sending the mail.

This can also assist individuals who generally write a number of emails and react to them every day. You may not have time to send email in advance during company hours which leaves you to send emails when they are not required to be sent.

With scheduling, you can only type in all emails and answers at a convenient time when you get the time and schedule it later.



  • Smart Email Follow-Ups

It can be hard to monitor long email threads. It often does not occur that you do not get a reply on the email you had shared. With e-mail follow-up, Gmelius solves this issue.

With follow-up memoranda, if you have not received a response, Gmelius will return all messages to your inbox. This helps you to follow up quickly and to transform your outlook to clients better.



  • Kanban Boards

Gmelius allows you to generate Kanban boards within your Gmail Inbox which is another excellent function. You can readily organize your messages in Kanban fashion with these boards, add assignments, notes and maintain the organization of job.

The cards are produced of your Kanban boards in Gmelius. Emails, assignments, and notes will be available for the cards. You can do it by establishing individual Kanban boards if you want to maintain distinct Kanban boards for emails and assignments.

The left navigation panel of the Inbox allows you to access your boards. Here’s how Gmelius has a Kanban board:



  • Email Stamping

Let’s discuss a little about safety characteristics. Gmelius leverages blockchain to demonstrate the presence and integrity of any email you send. Every e-mail you send is anchored into the Ethereum blockchain with their related encrypted information.

This is a significant function where key communication is transmitted, categorized and official through the e-mail channel. You can then demonstrate the identity and completeness of your email at any moment using this anchored information.


  • Tracker Detection



Organizations and individuals often send e-mail using separate trackers to evaluate and track the frequency with which you read and communicate.


By using tracker detection in Gmelius, you can identify and block any trackers linked to the emails you get. To activate the tracker detection, go to the Gmelius dashboard and click Settings from the header. Under Privacy and Security, click on the button to identify and block e-mail trackers.


  • GIFS

Gmelius-GIFWhat’s better than emoji messages? Animated GIF e-mails. You can also add Gmelius GIF pictures to increase your personality and interest in the emails.


During the moment I tested Gmelius, I enjoyed using them in my messages. They were simple to add and I was able to discover the one I wished readily in the GIF library.



2) Automation:-

Gmelius has implemented a lot of email automation characteristics that can be used to take over monotonous email tasks. Each catering to a particular set of demands is provided with templates, email sequences, campaigns, email messages and more.

Let’s start the automation world:-


  • Email Templates:-

The best cases for email templates are with the customer support team since they frequently reply to certain incoming requests by prefixed, structured email.

Templates spare you a great deal of time and permit a single tick reaction, improve ticket goals times for the group and assure quality client support.

A few layouts are inbuilt in Gmelius and if you wish you can make on your own. Go to the Gmelius dashboard for making an email format and select Automation layouts dropdown.

Open the email creator and press Insert template/sequence to use a stored email template. You can also communicate your team members’ email templates to everyone so that they can use a uniform response for some emails.



  • Email Sequences to Increase Productivity:-

Gmelius-email-sequenceEmail Sequences are one of the best features of Gmelius which can automate certain tasks which in return increases productivity.

Though email follow-up reminders were a great feature, Email Sequences feature has upped the standards of the usual reminders.


You can automate your monitoring or reactions and guarantee a timely course of action through these sequences. Go to your Gmelius Dashboard to generate one. You can also share with your team members the e-mail sequences they generate so that everyone utilizes the same standardized workflow for certain e-mails and posts.


You will send your follow-up messages on the basis of the interaction of your lead. With dependent filters, for example, when opened or answered, etc., your messages always arrive at their destinations at the correct moment.



  • Email BCC and CC Rules – Email-to-CRMGmelius-Review-Email-Rules

Gmelius is full of outstanding features which surpasses any other Email Marketing Tools which are available in the market.

With BCC and CC Rules, you can always keep required people in a loop even if you forget to keep them which is a very frustrating thing as we then have to send those email by writing (FYI).

You can discover email BCC and CC administers in your Gmelius Dashboard under the Automation dropdown. This is additionally a decent workaround in the event that you are utilizing Gmelius with your CRM device as there are no combinations accessible with Gmelius at present.


  • Shared Inbox

Shared Inbox is Gmelius ‘ first internet team cooperation function. You can develop a shared inbox in order to generate email groups like sales@work.com and support@work.com. All the members of the group receive any messages you send to the group email.

Email assignment is the next advantage of a shared box. A team member who is part of the shared box can be assigned any incoming lead, ticket or inquiry. You don’t have to email them, merely assign a job to them directly via your Gmelius shared box.

Check the Gmelius Dashboard and click on the Shared Inbox in the Collaboration dropdown to generate a Shared Inbox in Gmelius.


  • Team Management and Configuration

For team management, head over to Manage My Team under Collaboration from your Gmelius Dashboard. Here, you can include or expel individuals from your group on Gmelius.

For different setups, just snap on Configuration. There are different settings you can control from here, for example, tracker recognition, Kanban sheets, GIFs, email markdown backing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Gmelius can be accessed both from Android and iOS. The Android app is currently being developed and is currently in the Google Play Store with an unreleased listing. I’ve found some powerful remarks on Gmelius ‘ iOS app.

The interface of the mobile platform is so simple and user-friendly which aids in overall productivity of yours.




3) Conclusion:-

Gmelius is an All in One Package of all the amazing features such as analytics and insights, allows you to send out campaigns, create sequences, recurrences, templates and much more. Although this tool is a Gmail add-on, you can enjoy a number of strong characteristics to overload your e-mail box.

Its customer support is the icing on the cake as Gmelius has dedicated support portal such as Live Chat, Email Support, Knowledgebase, Social Media Pages where all the queries are handled in a timely manner.