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Egate P531 Review

Egate P531 LED Projector


Overall Rating



  • 40000 hours life long LED lamp
  • 1 year warranty
  • Home Theater Like Experience
  • Supports Android


  • Overall Design

After devoting 78 hours, we have created a comprehensive review of Egate P531 projector and tried to cover almost every feature of it which will guide you in making a better decision for this projector.

Egate P531

Egate P531 LED LCD projector has 1280x 800 indigenous HD display resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. The image quality of the high-quality LCD screen is unparalleled as compared to other projectors as it comes with more than 16k colors and 2000:1 contrast to offer you a crystal clear picture and detail. You can choose the best that fits you with different pre-designed image and film mode, and you can also manually customize the image, tone and color mode. Just plug in your information from a pen drive to record straight without a PC / Computer or link to the internet for HD images over the internet.

And if that wasn’t enough, Egate has packed this wonder device with lots of connection ports to operate with your PC, laptops, MP3 players, cameras, gaming systems, and more, so just lie back, relax, and appreciate any type of media from nearly any source, including a USB drive.

Android Power

The strong wifi & CPU from Egate’s P531 allows you to view thousands of the latest movies, TV displays, live games and other live events. All shows from ZEE, Star, Sony, Colors, MTV and much more are accessible hours after airing on Traditional TV. Easy access to hundreds of applications accessible to impress you with the finest material from around the world. There are children’s content, educational content for all ages, Japanese anime, and, many other entertainment services.

Made for India – Heat, Dust & Fluctuation Proof

Most projectors are produced for western countries where there is no issue with heat, dirt or energy. The technology has been created by the company’s R&D group taking into account the severe circumstances in India. The closed optical engine protects the dust from gathering in hand to provide you with years of crystal-clear imagery. The heat sink intended specifically for India can resist up to 49 degrees warm temperatures. They have also tailored its power management scheme to resist energy changes and power cuts leading to immediate off. We call all this e-core, while we have been calling you peace of mind for years.

USB – Direct Play

Just plug in your USB PEN DRIVE or HDD up to 2 TB and love working straight with your recent set. Yes, you don’t need to lease DVDs or attach your PC or Settop box, just plug in your USB device and play right away. The media decoder can run most audio modes such as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4— AVI / MP4, RM / RMVB, MIPEG —.AVI — 640×480 @30p; DivX— DIVX / AVI, FLV. It can run WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC audio files while supporting photos such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.

Egate P531 LED Projector review

Endless Content On the Net

Easy access to a wide range of TV-compatible applications for movies, TV shows, sports and more, all in one location. Most streaming applications such as YouTube, Hotstar, and Eros Now let you download and view your video subsequently, even if the internet is patchy or inaccessible. What’s more, you can add your material to your desktop using your favorite Torrent App or the built-in Chrome Browser.

Host of Ports

The Power House provides you with the most input outlets to access nearly any media machine you can think of. And the built-in strong CPU will do the work for you. Just forget your PC and even TV and with this world class projector, have the true feeling of home theater.

User-Friendly Interface

The latest Android is tailored to provide you with ease of operation with just a few clicks from the remote in a very user-friendly interface. With customizable windows/icons depending on your consumption / all your applications can be organized in a very helpful way without cluttering them on your home screen. Smartly, the most commonly used projector applications are in bigger size icons than others. Smart and simple to use interface that allows you to quickly and easily access your content with the help of your favorite apps.

Smart & Intelligent with Android

This is not just another Idiot box / visual screen device, but strong hardware and smart software partner to offer an unparalleled streaming and media experience While the earth was busy developing SMART phones, Epgate also created a smart projector. It has an android system built-in that allows you to unfold unimaginable opportunities. From bureau mails to films, social media and GAMING this SMARTIE helps you live your lives KING SIZE.

Wireless Mirroring & Streaming

The days of cumbersome cables are gone. This state-of-the-art mobile phone not only allows you to link to the web globe via its built-in wifi but also goes a step further in creating a local area. This means that you can wirelessly link and show material from any phone on Android, ios & Win 10. Yes, simply attach your phone and projector to the same wifi router and appreciate wirelessly what’s being performed on your phone, tablet or laptop via applications such as Miracast or DLNA. There are two options, one Mirroring, where your gadget display is displayed through a projector to a big 300-inch monitor, or merely streaming your video or images from your computer to the projector. Either case the incredible fun is simple.

Truly a Home Theatre Experience

1280x 800 with complete 1080 and 2000 HD support:1 contrast proportion with indigenous 16:9 resolution features the finest P531 graphics in the category. Its one-click capacity to change between multi-ratios such as 4:3 or media originals and digital multi-level changes provides the closest contest to the Cinemascope. Watching your favorite film at your home’s leisure time on a broad 210-inch monitor is the comfort of its own.


With a wired computer, desktop, PC, speaker, Blu-ray / DVD player, set-top screen, camera, video player, and more can be connected. And the options are as enormous as your imagination wirelessly.

Buyer’s Protection

By purchasing an item from Egate, you not only ensure the products you buy are produced and tailored to the Indian market but provided local India guarantee. Many will claim either a manufacturer’s warranty or offer an incompetent sellers warranty, which does not bother with the brand’s reputation or customer satisfaction. Egate have over 1800 warranty locations via FedEx, which selects the defective device and puts them in secure hands and dust free atmosphere to make sure it is corrected and brought home in no moment whatsoever.


Egate developed an all-in-one projection unit that prevents a separate PC from being required. The latest LED projector–the P531 –is designed in Europe and shows real color, transparent, highly defined pictures with an optimized luminosity and contrast ratio for full use. This state-of – the-art projector has built-in the software for CPU, RAM, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth scheme. Now just plug in your information from a pen drive(excel, picture, word, PPT or educational software) and play straight without having to use a pc.

Egate has packed this little wonder to operate with your PC, laptops, MP3 players, cameras, gaming consoles and many more, so just relax and enjoy all sorts of media from nearly any source including USB drives. P531 with assistance for HD resolution. High enough to play in a light situation in 2 tubes. This green innovation (LED) also enhances video display performance, while significantly improving the projector’s operating lives for approximately 20 years. The combination of the LED flashlight with an LCD of 5.8 inches and computation capability eliminates the need for a distinct PC entirely.