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23 Common Health Mistakes that everyone makes

These are some common health mistakes people often make.

  1. Popping multivitamin pills. A healthy diet is sufficient.
  2. Believing in superfoods. People don’t realize a banana is as good as a pomegranate. Expensive food doesn’t make it more nutritious.
  3. Drinking and smoking despite warnings on the package.
  4. Coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth or nose. They are exposing their fellow citizens to infections.
  5. Boiling water and keeping it for days thinking it is safe. Boiled water starts getting contaminated by bacteria within a few hours.
  6. Stopping blood pressure and diabetic medicine abruptly without consulting their doctor because they are feeling better. Usually, such people land up in the emergency room with complications.
  7. Extreme dieting to lose weight and gaining it back.
  8. Believing blindly on TV ads about super nutrients in health drinks, shampoo, and cereals.
  9. Believing that they can lose weight with sweat slim belt and spot reduction with ab machines.
  10. Believing that thumping on the head will save a person from choking.
  11. Stopping an antibiotic before completing the course. You are encouraging-resistant bugs.
  12. Asking the pharmacist to solve your health problems.
  13. Not having health insurance.
  14. Drinking glucon D when admitted to the hospital. This is an easy way to become a diabetic.
  15. Not wearing helmets and seat belts. Spend some days in the trauma casualty and you will see enough gore to make you numb for life.
  16. Putting oil the in ears and nose of babies. This is a big no no. Don’t listen to your grandma.
  17. Taking combiflam and dolo 650 together. Both contain paracetamol.
  18. Thinking that sleeping pills provide you refreshing sleep.
  19. Threatening your child to take them to a doctor for an injection if they don’t behave. This make the lives of pediatricians difficult, please have mercy on them.
  20. Believing stupid whatsapp rumor on cancer, Vit B17, plastic kurkure and many more.
  21. Putting powder, lime and many more disgusting stuff on wounds and getting them infected.
  22. Getting scammed by unproven treatments for hair growth, fairness and weight loss.
  23. Believing everything related to health on the internet. Majority of stuff are incorrect.

These are the common health mistakes people often make in their day to day life.

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