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What, why and how to use Android Auto?

Android Auto

Ever got stuck in a situation where you have to handle traffic and your smartphone simultaneously or getting distracted by smartphone’s notifications well just stop now those days are gone because of Android auto we can do most of the things that used to required our complete attention while driving. What is Android Auto? Android […]

5 Common problems technology should have solved it by now

Common Problems

5 Common problems technology should have solved it by now We are surrounded by a lot of different technologies, from pant zip to aeroplane, from radio to touchscreen smartphone.  Even though technology has advanced a lot, we are not able to find solutions to these very common problems for which we struggle everyday.   1)World’s […]

15 facts about technology that will blow your mind!!

Technology Fact

Technology which makes anything possible but has a lot of unheard facts most of the people are unaware of and below are some of the technological facts which will change the way you use them and see them.   The world wide web was created using NEXT computer, which does not exist now. Google hired […]