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What is the biggest blunder ever done in history?

Alpha commandos

The way the Russian military handles terrorist demands is very effective. It is a real story of four Soviet diplomats having captured in September 1985 by extremists who demanded that the Soviet Union will have to pressure the Syrian government to stop pro- Syrian militia from attacking rival Muslim positions in the northern Lebanese city […]

Want to earn a salary as an investment banker?

Investment Banker

Want to earn a salary as an investment banker? Well, it’s not that difficult to be one or is it, find it by yourself!   Calculate what is 12.5% of 64? Do it in your head right now! If you got it within 6 seconds than think of yourself as an Investment Banker. If you got […]

What India can do to punish bully China?

Bully China

There are a lot of nations who get bullied by China and most of the times India too but there are a lot of ways that India can punish China for its bully nature and those ways will also yield respect from China towards smaller nations. For Vietnam:- I would say India is not doing enough […]

How to get recruited as a spy?

  Well not my spy story but I received this real story from a source which I am publishing. I – Someone But keep in mind it’s 100% real and I cannot present any proof as you know how everything happens in an intelligence world. Around 6 years ago I was doing one of my […]

What will happen in future?

And at what speed things are going my assumptions would be:-