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11 Best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus

Huawei Mate 20 Pro best apps

Samsung is constantly improving their smartphone with every release and with the Samsung Note 10 Plus they have completely changed the standard of smartphone and here I have gathered 11 best apps for Samsung Note 10 Plus which can it them more productive and special to use. Let’s start the list of the 11 Samsung […]

Best Sennheiser Headphones for bass

Sennheiser best headphones bass

Today I have gathered some of the Best Sennheiser Headphones for bass but has it ever crossed to your mind that why we love bass? why it sends chills to our body? The shortest answer to it would be our bone structure. Without our bones, our body would be nothing. Thus without bass, music is nothing. Though […]

Top 5 most private jets that will blow your mind

Most expensive and luxurious private jet

In the world, the count of Rich people is increasing rapidly and so is the desire of purchasing Luxurious Expensive Private Jet but there are very few who enjoys such a wealth who doesn’t just own a regular private jet but they convert a commercial plane into a Luxurious Private Jets. Though there are a […]

How does corruption happen in developed countries?

Corruption in Developed Countries

Corruption is in every part of the world, whether it is about making a hairpin or an aeroplane, there is literally nothing in the world that has not been affected by corruption. Though it happens at every level of every country but no one admits it and did you know that there are 2 types of […]

Most Interesting Facts about Google Dinosaur Game

You must have come across in a situation when your internet doesn’t work and you remain frustrated until the internet resumes but in the meantime, Google’s dinosaur game comes into the rescue us. But there is one most interesting fact about the Famous Google’s Dinosaur Game I bet you must not have known about it. Let’s start with […]

What is Endohedral fullerene, Price and its Applications?

Expensive Material

Around in January 2016 scientists at the University of Oxford, UK, announced that they created the most expensive commercialized material in the world. Yes, you read it right Endohedral fullerene is the most expensive material, even expensive than gold, diamond, and platinum combined. Though antimatter is the only material which is expensive than Endohedral fullerene currently however […]

Why is Swachh Bharat abhiyan a failure?

Swachh Bharat

Why is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a failure? Western countries have always been appreciated in terms of development and cleanliness and they remain dream destination of most of the Indian as they are so much cleaner that we can even walk barefoot in public road but when it comes to making India clean we prefer to complain […]

What is the biggest blunder ever done in history?

Alpha commandos

The way the Russian military handles terrorist demands is very effective. It is a real story of four Soviet diplomats having captured in September 1985 by extremists who demanded that the Soviet Union will have to pressure the Syrian government to stop pro- Syrian militia from attacking rival Muslim positions in the northern Lebanese city […]

Want to earn a salary as an investment banker?

Investment Banker

Want to earn a salary as an investment banker? Well, it’s not that difficult to be one or is it, find it by yourself!   Calculate what is 12.5% of 64? Do it in your head right now! If you got it within 6 seconds than think of yourself as an Investment Banker. If you got […]

What India can do to punish bully China?

Bully China

There are a lot of nations who get bullied by China and most of the times India too but there are a lot of ways that India can punish China for its bully nature and those ways will also yield respect from China towards smaller nations. For Vietnam:- I would say India is not doing enough […]