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Best Water Bottle for Fridge

There are so many water bottles available in the Indian Market but only few of them qualifies to be called best water bottle for fridge. Since the quality of the bottles remains the number factor in making the purchase, there are other main factors that are important as well such as whether the bottle will […]

5 Best Smoothie Maker in India

While a general mixers can be used for purées of cooked vegetables into soups, for chopping vegetables into a salsa or even for smoothies, the taste won’t as good as they would with best smoothie maker available in the market one that can crush ice into a drinkable slush, cut through frozen fruits, and pulverize […]

10+ Best Tyre Inflators for Cars in India

With a tyre inflator in your vehicle, it’s simple to control your tyre pressure and to pump it up when required. They plug in the 12v power socket of your vehicle and usually take about two minutes for a top-up. Keeping your tires at optimum pressure provides maximum grip and braking efficiency, reduce wear and […]

5 Best i5 Laptops Under 50000 in India

Today, without a machine, our existence is simply not complete. Regardless of your profession, there will always be times when you feel the need to sit down with a computer or a laptop and get some work done quickly. These machines, which did not even exist in our lives until perhaps a decade and a […]

5 Best Canon DSLR Under 50000

In spite of many advances in the DSLR industry over the last few years, it still seems that Canon manages to provide a very good options for every kind of photographer but choosing over many awesome canon DSLR can be difficult thus I have gathered Best Canon DSLR Under Rs. 50,000. Whether you’re just following […]

Mi 10000mah Power Bank 2i Review

  Mi is growing at a faster rate as it is offering many amazing and low in price products that are transforming everyone’s life and today I am going to be reviewing one the Mi’s incredible product Mi 10000mah Power Bank which has taken other ordinary power banks by storm. Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank […]

Egate P531 Review

After devoting 78 hours, we have created a comprehensive review of Egate P531 projector and tried to cover almost every feature of it which will guide you in making a better decision for this projector. Egate P531 Egate P531 LED LCD projector has 1280x 800 indigenous HD display resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. […]

iBall SoundWave 2-2.0 Review

iBall SoundWave 2-2.0 has become very popular among masses as it boasts amazing features and today I will be reviewing it to know whether iBall Sound Wave 2-2.0 really has all those features which will help you make informed decision to buy iBall Sound Wave 2-2.0. iBall Soundwave2 2.0 Multimedia Speakers The iBall Soundwave2 2.0 […]

iBall Booster BTH review

iBall has improved a lot over a few years and has delivered many awesome products and iBall Booster BTH is one of them and today I will be reviewing it and will also try to be as neutral as possible which will help you make better decisions for this products. iBall Booster BTH:- The booster […]

Bosch AQT 35-12 Review

A pressure washer at home or office makes the job of floor cleaning easier and lesser time-consuming. There is no dearth of good products, and Bosch is surely a reputed manufacturer of such an instrument. Bosch is a known as well as reputed manufacturer of a supreme quality pressure washer. In this piece of writing, […]