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What India can do to punish bully China?

There are a lot of nations who get bullied by China and most of the times India too but there are a lot of ways that India can punish China for its bully nature and those ways will also yield respect from China towards smaller nations.

For Vietnam:-

I would say India is not doing enough to counter China with all the strategic advantages we have in collaborating with Vietnam, for example, exploring oil in south china sea which India is doing right now but not at very large scale due to fear of China, making naval base in Vietnam which will give India a huge boost to block or counter any Chinese aggression before it even starts and we can monitor all their activity in south china sea we are doing in Indian ocean, exporting arms like brahmos supersonic missile which India keeps on delaying it just not to provoke and fear of China and LCA tejas when it is ready and all other required collaborations.

For Taiwan:-

I would say mostly to provoke China as they are doing again and again and again by blocking the bid in U.N. to list Masood Azhar as a terrorist, blocking Indian entry in NSG(Nuclear Supplier Group), arming naxalites and northeast terrorist groups which is harming India internally a lot means a lot.

Data of naxal terrorism

Source of Image:- Naxalism/ Maoism: India

I know some would say that India supporting Taiwan will be like China supporting Jammu & Kasmir, but keep in mind that China not directly but indirectly is against of j&k by arming Pakistan and supporting it in every way means every inch of help required by Pakistan are provided by China just to counter and provoke India, they are trying to implement a project which is OBOT (One Belt One Road) which will go through pok which is of India’s territory Pakistan has and apart from all of these things China is part of a lot of other covert things too.

We do not want  China as our enemy but as a friend but not at the cost of national security and what China has been doing for so long with India definitely makes China our No.1 enemy of India whether you admit or not.

But India government (all the party who ruled India) have always been reluctant to counter China in an aggressive manner as they have been doing with us. The Indian government has always lack strong will except for some prime ministers. Indian politics has always been cheap, indulging vote bank politics leaving aside the national security no matter what, they just want votes, votes and votes. Until all this comes to an end India will keep on be like it is now.

However, to counter China in all expects India needs to be a superpower and there is only one way that India can become a Superpower of World.

I hope you liked our suggestions on “What India can do to punish bully China” and hoping India starts implementing it.



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