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Best Water Bottle for Fridge

There are so many water bottles available in the Indian Market but only few of them qualifies to be called best water bottle for fridge. Since the quality of the bottles remains the number factor in making the purchase, there are other main factors that are important as well such as whether the bottle will fit in the fridge, the grip of the bottle, how much of water do they hold, etc.

To help you quickly find your favorite bottle for your fridge, I have assembled some of the best water bottles which tick every box of being the best water bottles for fridge.



So, without wasting any more time lets start the list:-


1) Kuber IndustriesTM Stainless Steel 3 Pcs Fridge Water Bottle:-

Kuber IndustriesTM Stainless Steel 3 Pcs Fridge Water Bottle

This stainless water bottle has been appreciated well by users on Amazon because of its high-quality stainless steel quality and overall built which makes them a premium look.

These bottles are lightweight and are very easy to carry anywhere you want.

Not just for your fridge, these Kuber IndustriesTM Stainless Steel bottles can be used for office, kitchen and anywhere you would like to use since they look suitable for any environment.

It is highly recommended that you should let the lid open to avoid odor developing in the bottle and it is not suggested to use these water bottles in a microwave or in a dishwasher.

To clean these waters bottles, you are just required to use a mild detergent and that’s it.


2) Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Water Bottle Set

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Water Bottle Set

No.1 concern for most of the people about plastic water bottles is that they are not safe to use and for some cases, they are true but not for Solimo Plastic Water Bottle Set since these bottle does not contain chemical bisphenol A (BPA) which makes a plastic water bottle unsafe.

These bottles have received many positive reviews on Amazon because of its many amazing features that outclass many of its competitors.

They are ergonomically designed, lightweight and are very easy to carry anywhere you want to go and even the kids can hold them easily.

They have been made from high-quality plastic and as mentioned are BPA free.

Solimo Plastic Water Bottle makes sure that your water or any beverage does not leak in your bag which means you can safely assume that these water bottles are airtight.

They are very easy to maintain, are dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned by your hands.


3) Mr. Butler Pet Bottle

Mr. Butler Pet Bottle

Mr. Butler is a well-known brand when it comes to the water bottle and has a huge user base in India.

In this list of best water bottles for a fridge, you will find every plastic bottle to be BPA free which is a harmful chemical for our health in the long run and this Mr. Butler’s bottle is also a BPA free bottle.

These bottles are lightweight since they are made from high-quality plastic and are very easy to carry even for the kids.

To prevent any leakage from the bottle, Mr. Buttler bottles use special seal caps which means you can safely carry or transport without thinking of getting your content inside of bottle being dripped.

There is one special feature that this bottle has to offer which its ability to retain carbonation (Fizz) longer. In simple words, it can maintain freshness and fizziness of carbonated water, soda or soft drink.

This specific model can be used as long as 3 years for soda related content and longer periods for carrying water only.


4) Cello H2O Unbreakable Bottle:-

Cello H2O Unbreakable Bottle

Cello is the most trusted brand in India and is used by most users for a variety of purposes because of its amazing features.

As mentioned above, every plastic bottle mentioned in this list is BPA free which ensures safe drinking and is made of 100% food-grade material.

Because of the liquid-tight cap, it is leakage proof and keeps your beverages fresh and safe for longer period.

They are designed in such a way that they occupy less space and look good in the fridge or in the kitchen and not to forget their clear body makes you aware of the level of content inside the bottle which makes them perfect for juices, water, mocktails and more.

The one thing that I liked a lot about this bottle is that it does not emit unpleasant odor thereby keeping the taste and flavor of your favorite drinks intact.


5) Cello Venice Plastic Water Bottle Set:-

Cello Venice Plastic Water Bottle Set

This is another great Cello’s water bottles that are liked by users all over India.

As promised that every plastic bottle in this list would be BPA free, these Cello Venice Plastic Water Bottles are also BPA free which means you can safely buy them without putting much stress on its being harmfulness.

Almost every feature of Cello Venice Plastic Water Bottle is similar to Cello H2O Unbreakable Bottle such as leak-proof, crystal clear bottles so that you can see the content inside and are durable.

There is one thing that makes Cello Venice Plastic Water Bottle different from H2O Unbreakable Bottle is its design which looks curvy near the cap area.

These bottles come in multiple colors which Grant it a sharp edge over other bottles.


How to Select Water Bottles?

Type of bottle:-

It is very important to choose the right kind of water bottle since there are so many water bottles available in the market to choose from. A water bottle that is suitable for the office will not be relevant for your fridge or kitchen.


Once you are done with selecting a type of water bottle you want, your next path is to choose the right size which should correspond to your activity. The capacity of a water bottle is also a crucial factor that can be measured in ounces or liters.


The shape comes to be the third most important factor since water bottles which are used by runner should be slender enough to fit comfortably in your hand and that should also be the case with hiking but apart from having strong grip, they should hold contain more liquid. But when it comes to placing in a fridge they can a little bit bulky since you will not use as often as a runner would use.


Plastics:- Water bottles come in a wide variety of materials providing different advantages that are specific to various activities. Plastic water bottles, like those from Nalgene, are incredibly durable and can take anything you give them to abuse. You may have read about bottles of plastic water containing bisphenol A (BPA) chemistry. This chemical has been associated with cancer and diabetes and can leach into the water.

Nevertheless, most plastic bottles on the market today are BPA-free and are labeled as such and every plastic bottle mentioned above is BPA free.

Stainless Steel:- This is a great alternative to a plastic bottle but it has its own pros and cons such as they are prone to get dent more easily than plastic bottles and usually heavier. But they provide better insulation than plastic bottles, perform their given task dedicatedly such as keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

I hope you liked our article on Best Water Bottle for Fridge and we have tried to cover almost everything that we think a reader should know before buying a water bottle.

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