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10+ Best Tyre Inflators for Cars in India

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With a tyre inflator in your vehicle, it’s simple to control your tyre pressure and to pump it up when required. They plug in the 12v power socket of your vehicle and usually take about two minutes for a top-up.

Keeping your tires at optimum pressure provides maximum grip and braking efficiency, reduce wear and tear and may reduce energy usage. Checking them frequently makes sense, and the best tyre inflator makes the job much easier than an old-fashioned foot-pump.

We tested inflators from a range of manufacturers for the accuracy of their gages, the time taken to pump tyres, their ease of use and additional features to help you find the best tyre inflator for your needs.

1) EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump:-


Simple to UseNo Adaptor for Wall Socket
Connects to Cigarette Lighter Socket
Protects itself from Overheating

This awesome tyre inflator provides a strong airflow, an easy-to-read LCD display, and an outstanding auto-cut built-in to safeguard against over-inflation. It also comes with a variety of nozzle adapters to address a variety of requirements for inflation.

A very good additional feature of auto cut-off has been provided to safeguard against overheating. During operation, these types of tools can get pretty hot, and if you don’t remember to offer them a break, they will burn or pop a fuse. However, with this model, you don’t have to worry about that, as it automatically breaks off when it hits a high operating temperature.

With an approval rating of 87 percent among users who bought this tyre inflator, and at a very fair cost, we think it’s a pretty good unit to have. It is lightweight, flexible, simple to use and avoids over inflation because when it hits certain level, the air pump automatically shuts off.

Available on Amazon


2) Bergmann Typhoon Car Tyre Inflator


3 meters power cord reaches all tyres comfortablyQuality of plastic is not premium
inflate tyre from 0 to 30psi in about 2 minutesAnalog Display
LED light that comes in the device is incredibly helpful.
1 Year Warranty
Oil less design with no maintenance

Bergmann Germany now provides you with a carefully engineered tyre inflator that is not only fast but also reliable, secure, ultra-portable and comfortable to use. Its strong 100% copper motor is designed for effective long-term operation even under harsh circumstances.

Just insert it into the lighter socket of your car’s cigarette, attach the brass tube to your tyre, and turn it on. It is super-quick and can inflate in just about 2 minutes a mid-size tyre from 0 to 30 psi (we suggest keeping the car engine working to offer the inflator peak energy). The easy-to-read Pressure Gauge is up to+ 2 percent precise and shielded by a rubber bumper.

It also has a bright LED light that will come very handy for use in dark or low light conditions. Its heat and wear resistant braided (knitted) rubber air-hose are of high quality. The durable metal body is attached to avoid unwanted motion by anti-vibration rubber feet.

There is no need for regular servicing and the design is oil-free and when it comes to inflating toys, balls and water sports gear, extra nozzles were given. Finally, you can rest in peace with a1-year warranty without any issues.

The motor inflator claims to be anti-vibration, but we did not experience this. We also thought that there is a nice space for enhancement when it comes to the performance of the plastic used. We also thought that with such a wonderful layout they could have made it better with a digital screen than with the analog one.

You receive a 1-year guarantee from the Mumbai Branch of the Company for any issue.

Available on Amazon

3) AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case

AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator with Carrying Case

10-foot power cord reaches all tyres comfortablyWiring quality needs improvement
Inflate tyres for scooters, motorcycles and carsCarry case is too small to fit the device
1 Year Warranty
Auto Shut Off Capability
Built-in LED light

This AmazonBasics Compact Portable 12-Volt tyre inflator with Carrying Case is designed for the everyday rider and enables anyone to keep their vehicle at ideal pressure on the tyre. Maintaining correctly pressurized tyres helps tyre live longer, provide mileage and ease of driving.

To use, simply insert the inflator of the DC-powered tyre into the cigarette holder of a vehicle. The 23.6-inch air hose of the compressor provides versatile maneuverability and easy size to reach any tyre readily. The AmazonBasics tyre inflator is sleek, slender and completely flexible, making very easy to fill gas without having to go often at a petrol pump or a gas station.

This tyre inflator can be used for anything from scooters and motorcycles to vehicles, use the compressor to inflate tyres.

Included are two rubber blow tips and a ball-inflation needle, meaning the tire inflator can also be used to inflate basketballs, footballs, rafts, air mattresses, etc. With 0.78 CFM (cubic metres per minute) free stream at 0 PSI, the tyre inflator works effectively.

The mobile tyre inflator comes with a digital pressure gage, and its built-in LED light provides helpful illumination when operating in dark or dull light.

The compact size of the compressor can be placed easily with other auto-care facilities in the garage or in the trunk.

Whether you need the tyre inflator for urgent use, take it on a family journey or use it for regular tyre-pressure servicing, the AmazonBasics tyre inflator offers convenient functionality and optimum performance.

Available on Amazon


4) Michelin 12266 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator

Michelin 12266 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator

0-30psi in approx. 3minHigh Pricing
Compatible for cars, trucks and tractor tyresLack of LED Lights
1 Year Warranty
Powerful Performance
Switch Between units

Michelin’s most compact tyre inflator is best suited for those who are primarily concerned with portability. This inflator is produced for pressure topping, not plain inflating. Do not inflate with more than 50 PSI. There is also a specialized button to select the required pressure between PSI, BAR and kPa. This inflator can inflate up to 40 PSI vehicle tyres, as well as up to 120 PSI bicycle tyres.

This Michelin tyre inflator has an energy supply to help you charge your mobile and other electronic equipment on the go. The tire inflator’s compact layout makes it a significant gadget for your journeys. You can store it conveniently and bring it anywhere you go.

Compact and user friendly. Very easy and precise psi measurement. Good for Indian car holders as most petrol pumps do not have an air filling device that is properly calibrated.

Available on Amazon


5) TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator

TUSA Digital Car Tyre Inflator

Reasonable PriceNoisy to use
Bright LED light
Automatic Shut Off once it fills the tyre
1 Year Warranty

Plug in and Play. No complicated and intricate connections are needed which makes it very easy to use.

It also has different measuring units from PSI to KPA, BAR, KG / CM2 that can be changed with the R button to increase or decrease the pressure units with + or-.

It is not a discriminatory inflator. It is fully suitable for not only vehicles but also motor bikes, bikes and car-rickshaws with distinct piping diameters with 4 distinct kinds of nozzle making it a multipurpose inflator.

Tusa Digital Car tyre also features a LED torch light which will help you that use the device appropriately in dark.

Even if you have a reading glass, you can read the numbers very clearly as it has Large LCD Screen.

The base of the inflator has rubber stoppers, which ensure that the unit does not shift during the operation.

When you complete with the filling of the tyre, the cable wire and pipe can be carefully folded back into the machine thanks to the back side storage space that is available.

For the first 12 months of purchase, tusa gives you a manufacturer warranty.

Available on Amazon


6) Resqtech Micro Tyre Inflator

Resqtech Micro Tyre Inflator

1 Year WarrantyGets heated easily
Ideal PriceLength of cable(Small) is not what we expected
Portable to UseTime of operation is too high
Difficult to Use

The Resqtech Micro Tyre Inflator is a small, compact, economical and analogical instrument for inflating motorcycle and automobile tires. It will take you in memory back to the eighties, but it is working enough in the 21st millennium.

This instrument is ideal for every cyclist and can readily fit into the boot of your bike and save you from the mid-road tyre. The system weighs only 336 grams, made from plastic.

There are two energy trigger cables come with the item for the unit to operate. Connect these positive and negative parts of the cable to your car’s ignition socket, and begin pumping. Hold on your bike for the finishing of the pump. A completely deflated tyre generally requires 8 or 9 minutes to inflate.

Use the analog gauge supplied with the inflator to assess the volume of air pressure in the bike/car. Furthermore, the pump comes with a tiny light LED which is useful even in the dark for inflating the tires.

But some of the significant downsides of the item are the cable length, operational time and reduced energy. But if you’re a bicycle user who can’t carry heavy inflators it’s an excellent choice. It also includes a warranty for 1 year.

Available on Amazon


7) Goodyear RCP-D17D Analog Car Tyre Inflator (Blue)

Goodyear RCP-D17D Analog Car Tyre Inflator (Blue)

2 Years Repair WarrantyOverall quality is not that good.
Good for bikes and auto rickshawsTakes too much time for operation
Portable to Use

A tiny and compact2-year guarantee apparatus that is simple to store on the back of your car.

This can assist you pump the air in the same manner as all above-described pumps for tiny vehicles such as auto rickshaws and micro cars.

The Goodyear RCP is equipped with a plastic PVC frame.

Due to the time of service, the item scores less. The compressor requires approximately 15 or 20 minutes to fill in the necessary air quantities.

Besides that, as already stated, the item has a two-year manufacturers ‘ guarantee, which is uncommon in this budget range for inflators.

Available on Amazon


8) Tirewell TW-7001 12V Digital Tyre Inflator Autocutoff

Tirewell TW-7001 12V Digital Tyre Inflator Autocutoff

Faster Tyre Inflation as it takes 4.8 minutes to inflate from 0-35 psiLoud noise during operation
Auto OFF FunctionSometimes get heated while in use
Long Power Cord
1 Year Warranty

Tirewell is a digital tyre inflator that in less than a 4.8 minute can increase the tyre pressure from 0 to PSI35.

This is an excellent device in your tool kit with the ability to inflate mid to even big tyres, regardless of which car you have.

Not only vehicles but also bicycles are compliant. Tirewell offers additional nozzles to assist fill distinct tyres in SUVs, RVs, Sedans, basketball, and football.

The inflator uses an energy cable (3 m) that connects readily to any tyre regardless of how far it is from the ignition. The inflator is 10-feet wide. Dragging wire because of brief duration is no longer irritating.

Big LED display with an integrated tyre pressure measurer on the machine shows you the amount of air that is poured into it and how much air is present.

Tirewell inflator also has an auto shut off function, similar to most digital tyre inflators. You can pre-set the desired pressure you would like to have in your trye it will then automatically shut down the machine once the desired pressure level is reached.

There is also a very vivid LED light that comes with inflator which is very helpfull when you try to inflate any tyre in dark places without access to electricity.

While there are no significant complaints, we discovered the unit to be noisier than most when we used the inflator for experiments and it also tends to heat up fairly fast.

But then, during the warranty tenure, Tirewell gives you a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing failures.

Available on Amazon


9) Coido 3326 Electric Tyre Inflator Air compressor Pump

Coido 3326 Electric Tyre Inflator Air compressor Pump

Small and compact designVibration can be a con
Can work best for small cars and bikes
Calibration errors. But 3 average readings can set this right.
Capable of measuring upto 300 PSI
1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Equipped with pressure checking gauge

Coido is an analog model tyre inflator and comes with a grip that makes carrying and using around extremely simple.

This compact air compressor tyre inflator has a very compact size with a visually attractive layout. The form of the cuboid style makes it simple to store it in the boot of your bike or in any corner of your vehicle.

It has a big LED screen that even in dusk enables you inflate your tyre. And it also comes with storage space in the back of the device where the gage wire and the connection wire can be stored away.

Simple to plug and use, you can not put a PSI value like do in a digital tyre inflator. As the reading comes up, you need to look at the analog meter on the side. Overall, it can evaluate and pump air to a maximum of 300 PSI.

While this remains, the unit appears to vibrate a bunch and requires nearly 15 minutes on average to raise a tyre’s PSI from 0 to at least 30 PSI.

Also, the gage provides you the current stress value of the tyre when you first plug in the machine, and at moments this may be somewhat incorrect owing to the analog nature of the inflator.

Available on Amazon


10) Windek 1902 Compact Air Pump Tyre Inflator

Windek RCP_AL1E_1902 Digital Tyre Inflator

Compact and lightweight designOnly 3 Months of Warranty
Less Noisy
A case to keep this inflator
Can fulfil every need of inflation of tyre

Ideal for tiny and medium-sized vehicles, this choice includes a digital display and auto shutdown. Compatible with your car’s 12 volt cigarette lighter, this digital inflator. Just plug in, program the strain quantity to put in and sit back as it shuts off self.

A Red LED shows if the stress achieved during filling is more than necessary. With plenty of hose, it’s simpler to achieve any car tyre.

Another LED functions as a torch to assist you in dark moments. Make sure that while working in the atmosphere you keep the engine of the car ON.

The screen and the gauge very correctly show the stress. Made of PVC, the device’s box has room for storing and storing wiring and hoses.

While the inflator isn’t loud, it can be fragile and vibrate a bunch. When swelling, you have to keep the machine down with your foot or hand (hence no worries have existed in cases of overheating). Besides that, we also discovered that it was possible to improve the construction performance and the length of the hose nozzle.

Available on Amazon

11) Woscher Pro 802D Digital Car Tyre Inflator

Woscher Pro 802D Digital Car Tyre Inflator

Very Portable to UseDid not find any apart from over pumping of air in certain cases.
1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
3 in one multipurpose LED light
Auto Shut Off
Ideal for all types of small to mid sized vehicles and other inflatables
0-30 PSI in under 2 minutes

Finally, we have the Woscher 802, a very distinctive and affordable electronic vehicle inflator. It has a powerful body and is a simple fit for storage and movement due to its compact form.

Ideal for vehicles, bicycles, balls and even distinct kinds of inflatables, the digital inflator emerges with a 3-meter lengthy linking wire that can reach any car tyre.

The woscher pro could inflate a tyre from 0 PSI to 30 PSI in less than 2 minutes more quickly in service. There are additional inflator nozzles that are compatible with other car tyres. While the device is tiny in nature, this device’s internal storage is sufficient.

The LED light in the Woscher is distinct apart from the standard LED light that comes with tyre inflators. It is a 3 in one type that is equipped with your typical bright light, then there is a warning light and an SOS light as well. When you are stuck in the center of a highway at night, the last one is extremely helpful and you need to call for assistance.

Available on Amazon



Frequently Asked Question

1) What is the ideal amount of air I should pump?

Though Tyre pressures are typically between 30 and 40psi (or 2 bar and 2.8 bar), car manufacturers list the proper pressure on a sticker for each tyre, which you will discover either near the fuel filler cap or around the driver’s door.

For various wheel sizes and specifications, the stickers often carry the details of the pressure. A sequence of figures and letters that define the size and width of each tyre. You just need to locate the pattern on the wall of your tyres that suits the one.


2) How to test your tyre pressure?

Each of the inflators tested here has gauges that offer you an immediate reading of whether the tyre wants to be pumped. Simply remove the dust cap from the valve to use it and move the air hose end over it before pushing or removing any lock to clamp it in position. Petrol station tyre inflators also have pressure gages, but these are not always precise, so testing with your own tools is best.


3) How often should you check your tyres?

The AA proposes that you check your tyres every fortnight when they are hot, as the pressure rises significantly when your tyres heat up by riding. Tires that are under-inflated by 15psi (1 bar) will increase fuel consumption by 6 percent and increase your braking distance by five meters when traveling at 56 mph, according to Michelin, one of the major tyre producers.

It’s a good idea to simultaneously examine the situation of each tyre, testing the amount of tread left and make sure there are no holes or bulges that could cause one of them to burst.


4) What to consider when purchasing a tyre inflator?

The most significant thing is the size. The smallest inflators are about 20x 20 cm so you can put them in your vehicle without leaving too much room for your luggage. The best does not skimp on the energy lead and air hose length, which makes reaching all four valves simpler. Most can be preset to prevent inflating when the right strain is reached by your tyre.

Larger inflators include batteries that can be recharged, making them fully mobile. If you want to pump up, say, bicycle tyres, without getting to ride the bike next to your vehicle, this is a good alternative. For tyres that require higher than average pressure, such as a bigger car or campervan, you may also need a bigger inflator.


5) Is it O.K. to drive a car when pressure is low?

Low tyre pressure driving will significantly increase tyre’s wear & tear and eventually cause damage to the tyre. Even underinflated tyres are susceptible to overheating. Therefore, it is always recommended that you have squeezed in an ideal air in your tyres.



Keeping your tyres in ideal shape and with the correct stress is a key component of keeping them secure on the highway. Regular storage is the key here, and a healthy tyre inflator will assist you to guarantee that your tyres are always in order.

A portable air compressor can be very useful when you run into an emergency far from home. In some cases, the ability to pump up your tyres quickly and simply could actually save the day.

There are a lot of distinct models around, with the biggest distinction being between digital variants and analog versions. You can get an inflator for your tyres, which you can rely on at all moments by selecting wisely.

This is the kind of issue that leaving it to chance doesn’t create sense. You will feel much happy and more comfortable about the job of maintaining your car going well without any hassle once you get the correct mobile tyre pump.

With this accomplished, you can get more trust behind the wheel and hit the highway without any worries for some riding trips.

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