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5 Best Smoothie Maker in India

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While a general mixers can be used for purées of cooked vegetables into soups, for chopping vegetables into a salsa or even for smoothies, the taste won’t as good as they would with best smoothie maker available in the market one that can crush ice into a drinkable slush, cut through frozen fruits, and pulverize into a smooth liquid even the most stringent. I talked to chefs, wellness professionals, and smoothie fanatics about the blenders they maintain on their countertops to discover the finest smoothie maker.

However, it can be hard to choose the right best smoothie maker. The recent designs have a host of stylish characteristics and incredible features that make it hard to determine which smoothie blenders you really need. We also know that not everyone is prepared to spend extra money on a single kitchen gadget. Below, we did the study for you: we added up the 10 best smoothie blenders on the shelf for any expenditure with some help from our nutritionists and fashion bloggers. Whether you’re treating yourself or giving a friend this cute appliance, with any of these powerful little blenders, you can’t go wrong of your choice.


1) Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder:-

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder


Wonderchef Mixer Grinder is excellently intended to provide a trouble-free and smooth procedure. This mixer grinder is small and multi-purpose that enhances your kitchen’s appeal.

Designed by Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Swati Thoda, the nutri blend is altering the manner we use our mixers – for juice making, smoothies, shakes, chutneys, puree processing and even grinding dry ingredients for spices, etc.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder is provided with two clear, interchangeable containers for a comfortable perspective of the meals.

Two sharp blades rapidly and effectively perform all tasks. The sharpest steel totally breaks down the food making sure all the nutrients are properly extracted.

All Wonderchef Nutri-Blend’s components are readily detachable and therefore require less room in your kitchen to accommodate.

The Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder’s non-skid rubber characteristic provides security. This guarantees that the usage is stable and secure and it also has been carefully constructed and is simple to wash and keep.

At first look, you’re going to enjoy it! In addition to filling your mind with happiness, the available colorful vibrant colors such as red, black, white, purple colors help your kitchen rejoice too!

It is intended with the customer’s convenience in mind and needs a very small amount of room. The wrapping is also elegant, and you could also present it as a gift to anyone.



  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean, detachable parts
  • Occupies very little space in your kitchen
  • Very Efficient
  • Comes with a 2-years warranty
  • Is very colorful & Attractive with a smooth finish
  • Stainless Steel blades
  • Reasonable Price


  • Little Bit of Noisy
  • It does not come with a separate switch which lets you turn it ON/OFF, so be cautious before connecting to the socket
Available on Amazon


2) Nutri Bullet Magic Rx N17-1012 Blender, Black:-

Nutri Bullet Magic Rx N17-1012 Blender

The Nutri bullet blenders are incredible as they are portable and easy to maintain. They are not as voluminous as traditional mixers and grinders, and they are safe to use for children as well.

The incredible 1700 Watt Motor used in this blender is an extractor of superfood nutrition. The special combination of pro-extractor blade and exclusive cyclonic blades helps completely break down your fruits and other stubborn food. As part of your daily routine, using the NutriBullet blender will help you feel younger and healthier.

The Nutri bullet Magic Rx N17-1012 Blender includes the simplest and strongest torque power that can even mix the toughest ingredients. You’ll also get lids to use with the bottles and use them as readily as you use an ordinary jar.

With this strongest blender, you can make the silkiest smoothie you have would drink in your life. All because of its powerful 1700 watt motor.

You are now not required to pour and extract drink manually as it does it for you with the help of a unique Extractor Blade which pours the drink directly from NutriBullet containers. By this, you save time and requirement of extra containers. And when it comes to cleaning, it can be cleaned quickly with a rinse soap and water.



  • It takes only 40-50 seconds to blend even hard ingredients.
  • This blender is dishwasher safe
  • The mixture of this blender is very fine as no food particles are left in the drink
  • 1 Year of Warranty


  • Not Any
Available on Amazon


3) Nutri Bullet Nbr 1212M High-speed blender mixer (600 watts):-

Nutri Bullet Nbr 1212M High-speed blender mixer (600 watts)

With a motor of 600 watts, vegetables, fruit, and other superfoods are mixed easily, producing tasty smoothies and protein shakes. It is built according to the Indian voltage which is 220 volts or 50 Hz. With the help of cyclonic action, the stainless steel blades blend food incredibly well to extract all the nutrients from it.

In comparison to juicers and blenders, the extractors of nutrients from Nutribullet knock down fibrous food materials ‘ tissue membranes and release significant mineral vitamins. Nutrient extraction enables you to get the maximum level of nutrition your food has to offer, over and above juicing, mixing and sucking.

When it comes extra accessories, you will get one tall cup, two pieces of small cups, two different kinds of blades, one is a flat blade and the second one is an emulsifying blade that can be used according to the requirement you have and different ingredients.

Apart from above, you will also get 1 Handled Lip Ring, 1 Regular Lip Ring, 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids, 1 User Manual & Cookbook,1 Pocket Nutritionist Features.



  • The blending of any ingredient is quick as it requires no more than 30 seconds
  • Blending will be smooth, thanks to its tough quality blade
  • Tight lids which mean no leakage issues


  • UK Style power plug which means you might have to purchase an adapter for it
Available on Amazon


4) Whip Sip Personal Blender:-

Whip Sip Personal Blender

Whipsip’s strong Blender is good for creating a protein milkshake or smoothie. If you’re on a diet plan or attempting to lose weight, smoothies and shakes might be a must in your regular fitness schedule, and this Blender vows to be your greatest buddy.

With the help of its powerful 350-watt motor along with four super sharp stainless steel blades with high precision quality, you will experience a fresh and delicious smoothness in your smoothie, soups or milkshakes. Only a 30-second whip is required to get a healthy drink out of this incredible Blender.

You’ll get a 600 ml bottle and a 300 ml bottle with the Whipsip Blender, along with it you’ll get travel lids that can be transformed into a water bottle.

If you ever face any situation with this blender, you can avail 1-year warranty and it also offers customer friendly customer service for any query you have for this product.



  • High Quality
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Reasonable Price
  • Leakproof Bottles


  • A little bit of noisy
Available on Amazon


5) Magic Bullet MB4-1049:-

Magic Bullet MB4-1049:

The Magic Bullet is an outstanding blender for a single serving and is primarily used to grind small amounts of food, spices, vegetables or fruits.

The cups ‘ distinctive cup form is the key to the magic bullets efficacy, which comes with two short cups (355 ml) and a large cup (532 ml) with cover and seasoning cap.

When it comes to additional features, it has scored really well as it can whip cream, grind hard foods, chopping and Of Course making delicious smoothies.

Blades present in the blender are made of stainless steel which means they are dishwasher safe and you will never have to sharp them ever.

This incredible blender is also very easy to clean and requires only rinse of soap and water for it to be completely cleaned.



  • 2 Years of Warranty
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Clean
  • Required less space in your kitchen
  • Very Affordable


  • Ideal for only single & small servings
  • Due to its low power, it cannot crush Ice


Buying Guide:-


Buying a blender is distinct from purchasing a standard blender to make smoothies. The primary distinction is that a standard blender can be used to cook cooking products. So, if the blender produces a kind of lumpy texture, it’s all right. But the mix should be 100% lump-free when you’re making a smoothie. You need a strong blender with strong propellers to accomplish this.

The next variable is the jar’s size. Conventional blenders will not be suitable for whole foods or vegetables. However, a smoothie blender is constructed to keep the whole vegetables and berries. The blades on a smoothie blender are, in addition, tougher than usual blender standards. This enables you to introduce hard ingredients such as nuts and flowers to your smoothie without creating it grainy. Clearly, when it gets to creating smoothies, smoothie blenders operate much faster than ordinary blenders. So, if you’re a fan of smoothies, you’ve got to get one. But all dimensions and cost vary arrive with smoothie blenders. These issues should be considered in order to pick the finest item.

Clearly, when it gets to creating smoothies, smoothie blenders operate much faster than ordinary blenders. So, if you’re a fan of smoothies, you’ve got to get one. Smoothie mixers are however available in all sizes and variety of prices. You should take these factors into account to pick the finest item.


What jar-size should I select?

The jar-size is a significant consideration when buying a smoothie maker. Three primary factors determine the size of the jar. Let’s talk one by one about them.

You don’t have to have a smoothie maker with a mega-jar when you reside alone. It would be ideal for a 32-ounce bottle. At the same moment, you’ll need a 64 ounce or bigger bottle if you are a big family.

Second, the items that go into your smoothie should be considered. If you use whole foods or vegetables, you’ll need a big container. However, you can go for a smaller container and save some cash if you have time to chop and prepare the vegetables.

And lastly, the kitchen space, wide containers, and large smoothie makers require more room for storing. You should choose a small model if you have limitations of space in your kitchen.

The next thing you should glance at is the motor’s power after choosing the correct jar size.

What is the perfect motor power in a smoothie blender?

All the hard processing is done by the engine(motor) in the smoothie maker. A strong engine(motor) can play a huge difference between a grainy and a soft beverage. Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything about the motor or their power ratings. Here are a few fundamental rules.

Ideally, the motor in your smoothie blender should be over 1000-Watts. If your blender has such a powerful motor, it won’t be difficult to make a smoothie out of any product you choose. However, if the engine power rating drops below the 1000-Watt limit, you may need to exclude hard ingredients from your smoothie recipes, such as nuts and seeds. If the power rating drops from the 1000-Watt limit to more than 300 Watts, you’ll need to pre-cut the components to create a smoothie. This can be a lot of trouble. Go for more power, if in doubt over this.

What is the required warranty period for a smoothie blender?

If you like to drink it daily, your smoothie blender will stay operational for a complete year. If the quality of the blender is not good, then it will be an issue for you as it might get defective in some months. For years, a well-built blender will last. But it can also eventually fall into issues. If this occurs, you need long-term warranty security. So, don’t purchase goods that only give some months of restricted warranty unless there’s a decent justification to purchase them (like if you’re not convinced the smoothie practice will last). Instead, go for products that offer a warranty for 2 years or more. Also, read the warranty conditions. You must understand what the warranty protects your buy from.

What should you buy then?

All available options are the right fit as the Smoothies blender manufacturers I have mentioned have a very good reputation in marker which I don’t think will want to effect in a negative way.



Smoothie blender is a crucial investment more than a complement to your kitchen. In this respect, it allows meaning to go with all the bells and whistles for a special item. But if you’re not convinced whether you’re built to be a smoothie drinker, go for a budget-friendly product. If the lifestyle change, you can subsequently upgrade to a premium product to overcharge your smoothie-making ability.

All of the above-mentioned blenders are the top of our list that we suggested you purchase on the basis of cost classifications. You will certainly have the final option depending on your choices.

However, you must understand that it is vital to choose the correct blender to determine whether or not you will achieve healthy eating, weight loss, and fitness goals.


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