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Best Reusable and Washable Masks In India

As all of you know that the world is facing such a huge problem or should I say a pandemic which has affected both personnel and the professional lives of every people present on this planet.

Though scientists around the world are working very very hard to find the vaccine against COVID-19, it is still unclear as to how long it will take and governments around the world have already started to ease or remove the lockdown. Thus it is very crucial for us to try our level best not to get COVID-19 and use every available resource we have in our kitty such as mask which is not only important for COVID-19 but pollution as well.

Considering the shortage of masks in India, In this article, I will try to cover the best reusable and washable masks available.

As mentioned above these masks can be reused by washing them by following proper instructions.

Let’s not waste any more time and start the article:-


1) OROMASK Cotton Washable Half Face Mask – Pack of 3:-

Best Washable and Reusable MaskThere is one reason I put this mask into the first position is that it has been trusted by many customers for its overall quality, stylish, comfortable to wear, and Amazon itself positioned this mask in the No.1 category in.

Along with the No.1 category, Amazon has also placed this mask in the best seller category.

It has been mentioned that Oromask’s priority is to provide all-around safety from dust while making you look good and stylish.

This mask is best for helping prevent airborne disease, resistance to pollution while riding a bike or a cycle, and for airborne containments present in many workplaces.

OROMASK Cotton Washable Half Face Mask has been designed to provide greater comfort and is marked as an ergonomic product which means it has been optimized for human use by refining the design such as working hard on comfort and efficiency.

This mask is washable which means it can be reused.

It covers a wider area which includes nose, mouth, and face for better protection and very comfortable to wear.

Along with all the features, it also is very stylish to wear which makes it a perfect combination of style and safety.

By providing these kinds of products OROMASK contributes to a worldwide initiative of cleaning the air and living pleasantly.

With the mentioned price stage, you will be able to buy 3 OROMASK Cotton Washable Half Face Masks.


2) F Gear Safeguard F95 Reusable Outdoor Mask Pack of 3:-

Best reusable mask

This is one of the best masks available online which is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes.

Even though it consists of multiple layers for Spun Bonded for Splash/Fluid protection and Enhanced Bacteria/Particle Filtration System, you can still breathe easily.

It can be used by anyone due to elastic piping for enhanced grip which is all over the mask and its soft earloops provide extra comfort to your ears.

Also, it can be folded without any difficulties for easy storage.

Finally, when it comes to washing your masks, make sure that you only Dip and Soak.

This mask has been appreciated by many users on amazon for its overall quality, and comfortable to wear.

With the mentioned price tag, you will get 3 of these F Gear Safeguard F95 Reusable Outdoor Mask which is also an Amazon’ choice.


3) Mohtarma Sikhop India Unisex Black Dust Cotton Reusable Face Mask Colour May Vary -4 Pieces:-


This is another very good quality reusable and washable mask available online for better protection.

While wearing this mask you can expect to be protected from dust, small particles on-air, pollen, and much more.

This reusable face mask is ideal for kids teens women and men, suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing, and daily use.

Other benefits of using this mask are the protection of you from fog, haze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc.

If I talk about its build material it is made of high-quality cotton and consists of 3 layers of it which makes it very easy to wear and effortless to breathe.

This mask has been designed keeping everyone in mind or should I say one size fit for most because of its stretchy adjustable earloops for closely fitting, preventing leaving a trace on your face after taking off.

With the mentioned price tag, you will get 4 of these reusable masks.

When it comes to washing, it does not fade and gets dryer within minutes so that you can use it without waiting much.


4) Wildcraft W-95 HypaShield Mask (Pack of 2) | Reusable 6-Layer Anti-Pollution Outdoor Masks:-

Wildcraft masks

Amazon as marked this mask as in a best-seller range for its overall quality and comfortable to wear.

This mask provides wider coverage for maximum protection and very effortless breathing.

Along with being comfortable, this mask consists of 6 layers of hypashield in which outer layers coarse particle filter, middle layers protect against bacteria and small particles.

While the rest of the layers helps in droplet protection and control overall moisture.

This mask only weighs around 200 gms and has Soft, elastic ear loops for extra comfort.

Wildcraft W-95 HypaShield Mask can be used up to 30 gentle washes and has been carefully designed for all-weather conditions.

With the mentioned price tag, you will get 5 of these Wildcraft W-95 HypaShield Masks reusable masks.


5) Mra Fashion Blue Dust Proof Half Face Mask For Bike|Cycle Balaclava for Men & Women (Size: Free, 2 Piece):-

m10 masks

This mask along with the protection provides a stylish look to your face to look modern in this fashionable world.

This stylish mask provides greater protection against cold, dust, snow, wind and sun in Winter, Spring and Autumn.

And it is suitable for motorcyclists, cyclists, skiing, fishing, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities or on the go on a chilly winter morning.

Like I mentioned, along with being stylish it also protects your face from dust and pollution.

It is also based on the concept of fit to all types and provides greater comfort while wearing, effortless breathing and washable.

With the mentioned price tag, you will get 2 of these stylish, reusable yet quality masks.


Note:- Follow below instruction before using any masks:-

1) Make sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2) Put a completely clean mask on your face.

3) Ensure that the mask you are wearing is covering nose and mouth and is secure under the chin.

4) Press over the nose with thumb and index finger to secure.

5) Wash your hands thoroughly.

6) Avoid touching your mask and face, while wearing the mask.


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