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5 Best Printers for Small Business

We have gathered together the very Best Printers for Small Business. Even if you have small, medium or large enterprise these best all in one printer can live up to your satisfaction from every angle.

With around 540,000 people starting a company every one month, you understand that if you want to maintain pace, you have to create good buying choices for your tiny company. The range of printers available may seem overwhelming when you decide to require an office printer for invoices, advertising materials or witty interoffice messages because many individuals often do not know what parameters to consider before making a choice.

The answer is based on your needs. It is not meaningful to spend more on the best laser color printer for small business if you only need black and white records. However, if you know what you need and how much you want to spend, in an individual printer you will discover what is right for you.

An all-inclusive single printer can provide any type of business with an easy way to print hard copies of papers, scan receipts, and other key products in order to maintain digital documentation, fax, and remote presses.

Although more companies are reducing paper use, there are sufficient features in a printer that make the investment for a small business worthwhile. However, almost two-thirds of small companies don’t know how much they spend on printing costs.

Our objective with this list is to assist you to find the correct provider of photocopiers and the correct press to suit your prints requirements. Whether a high-speed, large-scale printer or an A3 printer is necessary, our list gives you a lot to choose from. We have the complete variety at your disposal from single function mono laser printers to multifunction systems. We hope that this will be helpful to you.


1) Canon Pixma G3010 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer


ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB, Canon Selphy App
Pages per minute4.0"x6.0" till A4 / Letter / Legal / A5 / B5, Duplex Print
Ideal usageHome and Small office, Regular / Heavy usage
Page size supported4.0"x6.0" till A4 / Letter / Legal / A5 / B5
Print resolution4800x1200
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The Pixma G3000 feels like any other multifunctional inkjet printer on top of Canon’s recent inkjet printer. The scanner is flatbed. This is separated from the remainder by the integrated ink reservoir, which can contain more ink than a typical ink cartridge.

Interestingly, the tank is not positioned on the bottom, but on the front of the printer’s central body. This controls the size of the printer. The width and height are 445 mm. It weighs approximately 5.8 kg. You must raise the top cover of the printer and open the tanks to recharge. You can view the ink status at all times, by transparent tanks.

To avoid power consumption its excellent feature of auto sleep mode turns it OFF! when the printer is not in use. When you give the print command, it can turn on by itself. It supports all Wi-Fi networks and allows users to print on any smartphone, Tablet, and PC on the same network with Wi-Fi connection.

You can still print yourselves on your smartphone even if you’re not on the same network. The Canon Selphy app is everything you need, so the printer creates a personal wireless network to connect to your telephone. But an Ethernet port is missing.

The Pixma G3000 is available for printing on 4-inch A4 sheets colour, black and white documents and photos. The print resolution is a maximum of 4800x1200dpi. It requires 2 minutes 20 seconds to print a color picture on a normal A4 glossy panel, which is remarkable in color jet printer norms. It gets just 25 seconds to print a color document (a standard webpage) with pictures and text. It requires 8 seconds to print the same document in black and white, which is nice again. The auto duplex mode also supports, so you can print on both sides of the page.

If you are thinking if the speed of this printer is an only good factor then let me share with you other exceptional features such as enhancing of the picture quality and certain aspects of a picture such as face sharpener, eye red fixing, filtering, adding or enhancing the soft focus, and even sharpness and lightness adjustment with the help of editing tools known as My Image Garden.

There can be 6,000 prints from the filled black ink reservoir, while 7,000 prints can be made in the three colorful ink tanks — cyan, purple and magenta. It’s much more than any ink cartridge printer that can handle only a few hundred printing at a moment. Any fresh color refill is available at a very inexpensive price.

On the back of the paper tray is adjustable alignment sliders. The standard inkjet printer can contain 100 sheets at a time. What we didn’t like was that it tilts backward when the tray is open. So, for the Pixma G3000 to operate correctly, you’ll need some room.

The control panel has a vertical button line and is equipped with a wireless energy button with LED indicators. The high-capacity tanks are really easy to use to ensure that you don’t have to alter the cartridges often. The Tin Tanks are covered with a plastic deck: just raise the top and fill in the tin cans with tin.

These ink bottles are intended to ensure that you do not pour a single drop of tin during refilling.

The G3000 not only provides you with all contemporary printing functions and methods that the user needs to be careful not to change inks on an ongoing basis. The price does seem a bit high, but most of that is the original cost because printing costs are even higher than the original.


2) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729


Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB, App ; 7-segment & icon LCD display
Pages per minute7.5 (Black & White), 5.5 (Colour)
Ideal usageHome & Small Office, Regular usage
Page size supportedA4, B5, A6, DL envelope ; Duplex Print - Manual
Print resolutionColor: Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized DPI color, Black: Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered DPI
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Unless a printer has a big screen, it is a test of patience and endurance to establish wireless functions such as Wi-Fi and mobile printing. There is, however, an exception for every rule, and this exception is the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729. The recent affordable multi-function printer we had the opportunity of testing in our laboratories.

The Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 has given us a big déjà vu situation since the Deskjet Ink Advantage 3635 is almost the same twin. The easy configuration is one of the greatest characteristics for both printers. To configure the printer’s wireless configurations, you need a PC and connect the printer to that via a USB cable. It is the simplest printer setup we have ever had.

You can unconnect the USB cable and obtain print jobs wirelessly after the printer has attached to your Wi-Fi Internet. A network printer appears on a PC, but you will need to download the HP All-in-One Remote App and the associated printer service add-on for your intelligent phone to print from a portable computer.

In addition to their color systems, they do not have a physical difference between the black-and-cyan iA Ultra 4729 or the white-and-cyan iA 3635, which is good as we like the curvy design of the printer, which looks more designer and less industrial. The printer cartridges are also the same.

Both printers have comparable print and scan performance. After all, they share the same scheme of double ink cartridges. It seems clear and comprehensive, but less crisp, in the printed text. The same applies to graphics.

Regardless of its similarities, the Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4729 focuses on tiny home offices because the durability and monthly page quantity are suggested.

The distinction in velocity and durability for the everyday customer is negligible, but DeskJet Ink Advantage 4729 Ultra is a better option for a home office or a tiny office that prints with high density.


3) HP Laserjet M1005:-


ConnectivityUSB ; 2 inch LCD display
Pages per minute14
Ideal usageEnterprise/Business, Frequent users (for fast, high quality printing)
Page size supportedA4, A5, B5, C5, C6, DL, postcard ; Duplex Print - Manual
Print resolutionUp to 600 x 600 DPI
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The days are gone when a printer, scanner, and photocopier were required separately. Now all this is handled by this printer. It has an integrated scanner, which is also a photocopier. Even a tiny card can be scanned and copied to an A4 sheet. This is not one of the heavy-duty devices that you find in paper mills.

The sheets are comfortable up to A4 size. It takes care of everything if you need to scan a card, document or a photo. And, don’t overlook it’s printing too. It is a monochrome printer, therefore there is no choice for color printing which means better speed and resolution than their color counterpart.

However, every business has different demands and HP Laserjet M1005 will fit perfectly for those enterprises which frequently require black and white printing.

You can print practically anything from maps to pictures to text, and you get a wonderful monochrome (more commonly known as back-and-white) printout.

This incredible printer provides the highest quality output in a grey scale printing industry, and you can understand why individuals say laser printers are the best when compared to a page printed on an inkjet printer. When you touch an inkjet printed the prints do not smudge. For a long time, they stay nice.

You can see that laser printers offer really nice results if you have chosen a nice image that is not pixelled. And this is why these printers are very expensive compared to inkjets.

A tiny screen with numerous buttons is displayed in the top-right. You can readily set the copy number, brightness, and other settings using these buttons.

If you want ten copies, you need not sit down to copy the same page ten times. Just click on the button, and you finish. You get the 10 copies in a jiffy.

There are plenty of functions for the printer. More than ever you are going to use. You can specify the number of copies, brightness, and set the parameters default. For a particular load, you can create changes, for instance, only for the present load, you can print 4 copies. It comes back to 1 copy when you turn the printer up again.

The printer looks great, and all are placed properly, with no obstacle at all. Build quality is also good, and over time it doesn’t look as if it would wear out. The HP logo is on the sides.

On the front, you have the input plate and the output area. The scanner is on top and a document can be positioned and scanned readily, with copies below. The LCD display is also put on top with the buttons. On the back, the usb and electric ports are available.

The printer has a software CD that makes printing, scanning and copying easier. You don’t have to search the internet driver. Just install the software and all the necessary printing and scanning services are provided.

The scanning software has a beautiful user interface that allows you to easily scan and set DPI, location, brightness, contrast and more. You even wonder if your present scan is completed after another page has been scanned.

While this printer is monochrome, technically it can scan documents in color. On the scanner, just open the software and hit ‘ Scan. ‘ In a few seconds, you’ll receive the color output on your monitor.

There’s no Ethernet (or Wireless) connectivity, just USB. You can use it with one laptop, but you need to maintain your primary PC on and share the printer link if you require printing from many pcs. It’s time-consuming. This can be a con for this printer.


4) HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer:-


Connectivitywi-fi, usb, hp smart app
Pages per minute7.5 (black & white), 4.5 (colour); cost per page - 10 paise (black & white)
Ideal usagehome and small office, regular / heavy usage
Page size supportedA4, B5, A6, Dl, envelope; duplex print - manual
Print resolutionup to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi (colour), up to 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi (black)
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The HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 is smaller across all printers that requests a low space and can be effectively kept in any side of the room — all thanks to the amazing wireless(Wi-Fi) technology. The printer is produced using an all-plastic outside, however, the plastic’s quality appears to be great, the general form appears somewhat shaky and sensitive, and could have been something more.

With a double-tone black and blue color, the exterior certainly looks elegant. When it comes to weight, the printer weighs about 4.7 kg and has a small height and width profile that fits regular desks.

The top is provided with an A4 flatbed scanner, whereas a feeder for the drawer plate holds up to 60 sheets of paper behind this. The front is made of plastic and contains the cartridge heads, and also a padding sheet that can hold up to 25 sheets of paper, apart from a folding and retractable pads.


The tanks are translucent and the user can view the ink amount within each tank physically. Each of the four reservoirs is black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

While up to 80ml of ink is available in the black reservoir, the color tanks can be 70ml each. Each tank is filled with a tiny spout which digs into the ink bottles and makes it safe and easy to replenish. Each tank once filled has a narrow lid.

The user must monitor every level of the reservoir and refill it before it is emptied to prevent help bubbles entering the tubes and drying out the ink in the tube and the cartridge head.

If that is the case, then long-term printing costs will be increased by the price of cartridges and pipe substitution. Returning to the device itself, only the USB port and power socket lie in the rear panel.


On the top side, left to the scanner lid, you can see the scanner lid. This panel has 9 touch buttons and only icons are marked each. A few LEDs are next to the buttons, which correspondingly indicate the printer status.

There is also an LCD display on the control panel, where you can see only some significant stuff like the number of pages (0-9), tin rates, paper jam, mistake and wireless signal strength.

As the protective plastic layer was easy to press down, we discovered the control plate too delicate. Moreover, we haven’t been very glad about the buttons either, because they seem to have not been used for long.

The printer supplies the highest USP for the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 with a two-year ink supply. Where 2 cartridges are delivered in sealed containers (one black and one color), the Tin is delivered in individual bottles that are safe to spillage. Each bottle of color is 70ml, and two 170ml bottles of black ink are available each. HP threw an additional bottle of white ink that will last you five replenishments.

Since black is most frequently used (even in colored prints), it requires a greater amount of black ink. Because the starter pack itself now has 5 flasks of ink, the cost of the overprinter appears in view to be cheaper.

The configuration of the printer is a child’s play— you just need to turn on the printer, add the driver CD to the PC, start the setup program and follow the instructions step-by-step on the screen. To put the ink into the tanks, you simply need to open every bottle’s seal, open the corresponding cap on the ink reservoir and put the bottle on the tank bottle upside-down.

You do not have to push the liquid bottle to fill the tank. Simply put the bottle on the tank’s mouth and within a few seconds, you discover ink flowing way into the tank. Closing the tank caps once finished. Until the tank is filled, the blacks ink bottle automatically will fill and stop.

You can connect your printer to the PC or network using a USB cable or Wi-Fi in accordance with the instructions given on the computer setup screen. Setup is easy and straightforward. The original step will bring you to guarantee that all cartridges are in line to provide you with the highest result by using the printer head alignment measures.

This Printer can also be used with the HP Printing app from the corresponding app stores for printing tablets and smartphones. The printer can also be used as an internet printer to get an email address for the printer through the configuration.

When you connect to the Internet and power the printer, just shoot an email to the printer’s defined email address, allowing you to start a print from anywhere in the globe. The control panel also contains a separate button that can disable the ePrint function if not in operation and prevent accidents.

In over-average speeds, the printer can also print black and color copies. The original copy requires up to 14 seconds and the color takes up to 18 seconds, and the following copies take even less. There are 21 seconds of scanning speed on the A4 page.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 419’s general overall performance is well over average, with little difference to other brand printers. However, the brownie point this one has to offer is the chic looks that work well as far as aesthetics are concerned. Unfortunately, there is much concern here about low build quality, as replacement components are not easy to buy or too inexpensive.

The printer is highly simple to install and operate and anybody can refill the ink very easily. This is what the printer does for low-cost inks, comfort and looks, and the all-in – one HP Ink tank Wireless 419 printer receives a thumbs up from our ends.


5) HP Laserjet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer:-


ConnectivityWireless, USB, Ethernet, HP ePrint App; 2-line LCD text display
Pages per minute20 pages
Ideal usageEnterprise/Business, Frequent users (for fast, high quality printing)
Page size supportedA4, A5, B5, envelopes, post cards. Duplex printing-Manual
Print resolutionUp to 1200 x 1200 DPI
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MFP M126nw is quite compact, strong and provides printing, copying and scanning capabilities that make speeding up office effectiveness to next level easier. The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126nw is fitted with wireless direct printing to make it simple for small business owners to print from smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They are efficient. The HP Laserjet Pro MFP M126nw is the first three-in-one, black and white laser printer with network and wireless characteristics for clients of the SMB system.

In a layout with its predecessors in the sub-Rs 10,000 price range, the HP Laserjet Pro MFP M126nw looks very comparable. It is available in a matt, black-colored body with a flat and square design on its top part. The tapering edges are triangular in form. The sides are smooth and the energy port, USB port, and Ethernet port can only be found on the back. It is about 10.3 kg in weight.

The printer can hold up to 150 sheets at a moment and a paper must be loaded from behind. The output is supplied with a tray extensor that is robust enough to carry 100 sheets at a moment. No projection is made of printed paper on the extender and it is thrown out of the printer.

The top part of the flatbed scanner is well constructed and doesn’t flex. The hinge would have been more flexible because the flap is at an angle against the stuff being scanned or copied if you are looking to scan a dense book or magazine.

Due to the fact that the drivers are prebundled into the firmware of the printer, you all have to do is attach the Pinter USB cable and the remainder.

Our print test indicates a slight decrease in speed relative to competitive laser printers, but you won’t notice the difference unless you put many enormous documents on board.

With its wireless support, HP Laserjet Pro MFP M126nw offers a range of connectivity options, starting with the traditional Ethernet 10/100bse tx network port to USB 2.0 high-speed port and the most recent 802.11b/g/n wireless standard.

It is more than sufficient for general office duties in terms of print quality. The MFP M126nw Laserjet pro is excellent for daily memo printing, files, articles, and other records.

For small and medium enterprises, this printer is a completely accessible MFP for a broad range of printing, scanning and reproducing requirements.



It’s far from simple to find the correct printer for your company requirements. Different requirements and loads of work indicate separate technical features of your machine. At Unplanned Things, we understand that companies have no time outside their periodic agenda and we have therefore prepared this comprehensive and unbiased 2019 review guide to save cash and time.

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