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5 Best Paid File Managers For Android (No Ads)

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Memory is an integral part of a smartphone as it performs very main task of storing files, images, videos, and many other important things but if your smartphone does not manage all those files correctly it can degrade your smartphone performance thus I have assembled 5 best paid file manager for android which can increase the overall performance of the smartphone to a great extent and best of all that there will be no ads to disturb you while you perform any task.


Without wasting anymore time let’s start the list of 5 best paid file manager for android.

Top File Manager for Android:-


1) ES File Explorer/Manager PRO:-

es file explorer best paid file manager app

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO has been given 4.7 stars out of 5 by  89,569 users and user base is growing rapidly.

With this app, you can perform many tasks which are not available in free version of this app such as compressing and decompression of ZIP files, unpack RAR files, 7z files, and create encrypted (AES 256 bit) ZIP files.

This app doesn’t just manage files on your smartphone, it can also manage files which are stored on the cloud such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and many more platforms.

There is no need to switch to your PC, Mac, or even a Linux server for managing file as this app lets you manage files on them remotely.

Though Bluetooth is used for file transferring, this app has gone one step ahead of it as it allows you copy and paste files between Bluetooth read devices.

Apart from all the above features this app also supports cache cleaner, and killing tasks with single click.

The main feature that I liked most about this app Root Explorer which lets you access to the entire file system and all data directories, and allows the user to change permissions.


2) File Manager Pro:-

file manager pro

File Manager Pro has been given 4.7 stars out of 5 by 23,523 users and it is increasing at a very good rate.

File Manager Pro is one of the best file manager app available on the Google Play Store to buy.

This app offers multiple features such as browsing of files by category, transfer apps, images, music, documents, movies via Wifi.

If you ever run out of space you can use many cloud platforms to store any files you wish to store and apart from storage you can even manage all the files which are stored in cloud.

With this app you can easily zip or unzip a file and it supports various formats such as zip, rar, 7z, 7zip, tar gz and tgz.

This app also shows usage of the memory card so that you can always aware of the status of the memory of your smartphone

You can buy this app from here.


3) FE File Explorer Pro – Access PC, Mac and NAS:-

FE explorer paid file manager app

FE File Explorer Pro has been given 4.3 stars out of 5 by 1,134 users.

With this app, you can perform multiple tasks to increase the productivity of your smartphone.

This app offers many incredible features such as accessing files which are not only local network but also files on your computer and NAS(Network-attached storage).

You can also manage files which are stored in cloud platforms as it supports many cloud platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Streaming movies and music from network shares and cloud storage to Android is completely possible with this app.

Just like any other paid file manager it also supports packing and unpacking of ZIP, RAR, and 7zip files.

You can buy this app from here.


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4) FX File Explorer:-

FX File explorer

FX File Explorer has been given 4.7 stars out of 5 by 2,970 users.

This app offers very clean and easy to use interface which really impact the overall performance of this app.

Though this app features many attributes which are similar to any other paid file manager app, it also offers other features which are rare in other apps.

Those features includes downloading and converting of Google Drive/ Google Docs files into Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF and many other important formats.

You can stream movies and music even from many cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SMB, FTP, SSH to media player applications.

If you wish to have secured files which you can share, that can be done too as it supports creation and extraction of AES-128 and AES-256 encrypted zip files.

If you ever get stuck with any of the issue, you can directly contact them and get your issued resolved.

You can buy the license from here and app from here.


5) Root Explorer:-

Root Explorer best paid root file manager app

Root Explorer has been given 4.7 stars out of 5 by 31,765 users and download are increasing at a rapid rate.

This app is exclusively for root user who wants to do more with their smartphones as this app lets you access the complete android’s file system which also includes the elusive data folder.

Apart from the awesome root functionality this apps features Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network (SMB) support, change file owner group and and much more.

This app also have email support which you can use if you ever are in trouble.

If you did not like this app, you can request for a refund within the 24 hours and you will receive the refund without any question asked.

Privacy is the utmost priority for Root Explorer as it does not pass any information to their server.

You can buy this app from here.


Sadly, this is the end of the article of 5 best paid file manager apps.

I hope you liked it and if you did please do not forget to share your views on the comment section which is open 24/7.

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