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5 Best LED TV in India

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It could be difficult to choose Best LED TV available in India as there are numerous brands present in India which makes the selection very difficult thus you asked Google for help about what are the Best LED TV in India and landed on this page.

Now you are not required to worry as we have carefully curated a list 10 Best LED TV available in India after reviewing various features such as Design, Smart Features, Full HD Display, Warranty and the most important factor in choosing the LED TV is Price.


1) Samsung 49 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV

Samsung 49 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV

Available on Amazon

What We Liked:-

Enhanced Cinematic Experience – The HDR screen guarantees that in dark scenes precise details are viewed in bright. The PurColor and Micro Dimming Pro enable you to view the content with shadow and crisp information in natural tones. While the Ultra Clean perspective offers less distortion with clarity. Together with the TV’s big screen size, these characteristics enhance viewing by providing you the feeling of cinematic experience at home’s convenience

Smart Concert Experience – Due to Digital Dolby Plus Technology and 40 watts 4 channel surround system, you don’t need to buy separate sound systems for this TV. It generates the immersive sound of the highest quality that gives you the feeling of a live concert. This LED TV can also give a tough competition to a Stadium as it gives the same feel as you get while watching a sport at a stadium.

Built-In Wifi – The TV comes with integrated wifi that enables you to link to appliances. It is also compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime which means you can stream your favorite series or movies anytime.

Supports Bluetooth Technology- Though Bluetooth has become outdated, it still can be very useful such as using your T.V. as a Bluetooth speaker or to improve the overall sound of the T.V. connect it with any Bluetooth sound system using the Bluetooth 2 way audio feature.

Intelligence Content Recommendations- You can watch a variety of content on a single screen which is gathered specially for by The One Depth. It intelligently gathers and gives you access to various content providers from international and Indian partners in more than 15,000 titles and more than 10 languages which means you will be entertained every time you switch on your LED T.V

Quick Wall Mount Installation – By calling the toll-free number, you can request the setup of the T.V. The engineers will be sent within 48 hours to set up your TV. You can also request the setup of a wall mount as it saves room in your house.


What We Didn’t Like:-

Only One USB Port- Though most of the Smart T.Vs come with two USB Port, Samsung 49 INCH UA49N5300AR FULL HD LED SMART TV comes with only one.

Expensive- This LED can be quite expensive if you are looking to buy a budget LED T.V.



2) Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV

Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV

Available on Amazon

What We Liked:-

Amazing Clarity:- Experience magnificent detail and texture on this full HD TV. To guarantee minimal noise and highest effect, everything you watch has been refined to the maximum and its amazing X-Reality PRO feature analyze each scene and is matched with Sony’s unique picture database for picture refinement and noise reduction to bring maximum clarity.

Deep Bass:- If you are fond of listening to bass then this LED TV is a perfect choice for you as Sony has built a subwoofer into this TV so that you can enjoy your movies, music, etc to the fullest.

Clear Audio+ :- It smoothes the sound of television for an emotionally enriching experience that seems to surround you. You hear music and dialog with higher clarity and separation with ClearAudio+

Direct YouTube & Netflix Launch Button:- Though it is not as major advantage as what we liked in other points, it still can offer quick functionality on the remote you get two buttons separately for YouTube and Netflix which means now you do not have to find your way through multiple buttons to open most opened applications.

Durability:- The television is very durable. There are no holes in ventilation which mean there is no space for dust to enter. The TV also comes with a sophisticated shield for protection against lightning. Not only does the circuit board have an anti-humidity coating to avoid short circuits during humidity. On the other hand, it is protected from unstable electricity surge.

Cable Management:- It handles cable like a pro as it hides them in the stand and holds them in place with an induced cable holder.

Price:- It is the major factor which gets in a way for deciding to buy the LED T.V which in this case is very good.


What We Didn’t Like:-

Lack of Bluetooth Technology:- This TV does not support Bluetooth like any other Smart TV. This means you can’t connect the TV to Bluetooth equipment like Bluetooth speakers, which may be a disadvantage for some customers



3) LG 123 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV

LG 123 cm (49 Inches) 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Available on Amazon

What we Liked:-

4K Display:- With a finer gradation, LG’s specially designed IPS 4K display can reproduce more color shades, which means you can look for those colors which were not visible in non-4K T.V. Also, from a wider viewing angle, the IPS 4 K Display provides a more precise and lifelike image.

All in One Content Store:- You can use all the entertainment at the LG Content Store, such as TV Program, VOD, Apps & Games, through the new webOS Smart TV. For all entertainment content, LG Content Store is a one-stop-shop.

Ports:- 3 HDMI ports to connect set-top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 2 USB port to connect hard drives and other USB devices.

Connectivity:- It offers Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connectivity

Price:- Price is best in class among other 4K Ultra High Definition L.E.D T.V.


What We Didn’t Like:-

Multitasking:- While on a specific T.V. channel, you can not use the multitasking feature.


4) Sanyo 65 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart Android TV:-

Sanyo 65 Inches 4K UHD LED Smart Android TV

Available on Amazon

What we liked:-

Voice Search:- You do not also have to struggle about scrolling or typing to find your favorite content as this incredible TV features Google Assistant that allows you to discover your show in a blink of eyes by specifying its name, with the help of a Mic button on your Sanyo Android TV remotely.

Gaming Experience:- This is perfect for a gamer because it offers a lively, fun-filled gaming experience with lively details and amazing 3D graphics. It offers full access to games through the provision of single or multi-player, online or offline, arcade races or casual games.

Multiple Music Format:- It can be used to listen to your favorite tracks and to store your music library straight on your Sanyo Android TV in all types of audio, including MPEG1/2, AC 3, EAC 3, AAC, FLAC.

Curated Content:- The content and recommendations can be curated depending on what you want to see, play or hear. Without getting to search, you get simple access to your preferred contents.

300 + Service Centers:- Because of their more than 300 service centers scattered across the nation, Sanyo is always at your disposal, no matter where you are.


What We Didn’t Like:-

High Consumption of Power:- The TV’s electricity consumption is 200 watts, which is quite large, resulting in elevated electricity bill spending

SD Channel Quality was Not Up to the marks:- For UHD channels, TV is a great choice. The only constraint, however, is that the SD channels ‘performance was not fantastic. You only need to view UHD channels to enjoy the finest watching experience.


5) Samsung 108cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED TV:-

Samsung 108cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED TV

Available on Amazon

What We Liked:-

Like Reality:- It enables you to watch all of your favourite films and displays as if you watch them from a window. It gives you a realistic and amazing visual experience to immerse yourself in a whole new world.

Connect share movie:- You can plug in your USB devices using the USB connection and display all of your stored material on your TV’s large monitor. It enables you to play music, view films and videos as well as re-living memories by watching old images.

Wall Mount Installation:- A wall mount comes with this model that allows the TV to be easily installed on the wall. This saves room in your home and with its sleek and stylish architecture enhances your home’s general contemporary aesthetics. You can also put it on a table, depending on your choice.

Low Power Consumption:- This is the best feature of this LED T.V as it only consumes 14 watts of energy which means you not only save energy but expense on electricity bills.


What We Didn’t Like:-

Sound Performance:- Users have experienced that this TV’s sound characteristics are not up to the mark. You may require to link the TV to an external sound system to improve the sound.

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