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Best Face Shield In India

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the kind disease which has changed the way we live our day to day life and using mask is one this thing.

But there is another kind of face covering product which is gradually becoming more important which is face shield.

However, there is no proof that face shield are as good as masks for protecting you against the virus.

Still, we should use every resource available at our disposal to protect against this deadly virus.

Thus after researching, I tried to find some of the best face shield available in India which you can buy online.

Without wasting anymore time, lets start the article:-


1) Reusable Safety Face Shield, Anti-Spitting Splash Facial Cover for Women & Men, Reusable Breathable Visor Windproof Dustproof Shield with Protective Film Elastic Band:-

This face shield has been awarded Amazon’s choice for its overall quality and comfortable to wear.

It has been designed keeping everyone in mind which means it can be worn by everyone without any issue.

A foam type material has been used at the top and elastic band which provides greater comfort while wearing.

It is a reusable face shield, ideal for protecting yourself from spray and splatter,dust,oil smoke and so on.Professional face shield protects your face and eyes from droplet and dust.

Along with the face shield, you will also get a black face mask for extra protection worth Rs.80 for free.

With the mentioned price tag, you will get 3 of these quality reusable face shield.


2) SMS HYDROTECH All-Purpose Safety Face Shield Transparent Full Face Mask, Reusable Breathable Visor Windproof Dustproof Hat Shield with Protective Film Elastic Band:-

This is another all purpose safety face shield which has been designed to shield your face from spray and splatter,dust,oil smoke and so on.Professional face shield protects your face and eyes from droplet and dust.

It can be reused and is very easy to clean after using it. It is also lightweight, AND potable.

Even though it possess such as feature, it is very comfortable to wear since the surface of the shield that touches your forehead has a soft sponge and you will not feel reluctant to wear this for long time which makes it very comfortable to wear.

It can be adjusted as per your will so that anyone can use be it adults, children, etc.

The most common issue faced by many people wearing face shield is fog covering their shield which is not case with this shield since the mask use imported PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) material which has a high-definition anti-fog effect. Which means you will have clear vision while talking to someone else or breathing.

In terms of safety stand point of view, these shield undergo strict sterilization process and during the production stringent product quality control are followed.

There are many face shields you can order in go such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 for bulk use.


3) AG E-Com Reusable Safety Face Shield, 10 Pcs Transparent Protective Sheild,Anti-Saliva Windproof Dustproof Full Face Cover Hat for Men and Women (Combo) +Free 5pcs 3ply Mask:- 

This safety shield is a product of Ag E-Com which has been appreciated by users on Amazon for its overall quality and comfortable to wear.

This safety shield also possess the feature of anti-fog which prevents fog covering your shield and it is also applicable even if you are using it for a long time.

AG E-Com’s Reusable Safety Face Shield has been designed keeping ergonomics in mind which means it can work for most of the people.

The seller has also promised you a replacement if you receive a defective product which means you are secured to buy this product.

It can be used for outdoor activities such as going for shops, visiting friends, taking public transport, travel etc.

With the mentioned price tag you will 10 of these reusable Transparent Protective shield + 5 pieces of 3ply masks, this makes it a good deal you can get.


Note:- Like I mentioned earlier that there is no proof of face shield is equally good as a mask but transparent shield protects most are of the face and help those people who depends on lip reading to understand what other person is saying.