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Best Boat Headphones

Within just 3 years boAt has become one of the best brands available in India when it comes to the headphones market. Since all of his products are of excellent sound quality, awesome design, and amazing after-sales service.

But choosing from a wide variety of boAt headphones can be difficult thus for you we have assembled some of the best boAt headphones which have exceeded every expectation.

Before sharing the list of these best boAt headphones, we analyzed every detail such as build quality, design, sound quality, noise cancellation and many other important features which are very important since these are some of the features which help you buy a superior headphone.


1) Boat Rockerz 510:-

It is one of the best looking boAt headphones which you can buy without hurting your pocket much. It offers amazing sound quality and super bass with balanced treble which gives incredible listening experience.

Thanks to the softness of the faux leather on the ear pads, Boat Rockerz 510 is very comfortable to wear even for longer duration.

The foam is not just soft but it is designed to adapt to your ear with balanced pressure for your convenience.

It is also one of the light weight headphone in its category giving you comfort you have imagined and its average battery life is of 10 hours.

If you ever face any issue with this amazing headphone, you can contact boAt since they are providing 1 year warranty.


2) boAt Rockerz 400:-

boAt Rockerz 400 is one of the most bought from Amazon since it boasts many amazing features which you really can not ignore.

With its strong 40mm dynamic drivers, boat Rockerz 400 delivers an amazing sound quality, complete clarity and satisfy your need for great music experience.
Not to forget its super extra bass which is like an icing on cake.

The Rockerz 400 is really the headphone that seems to arrive from future since its earcup serves as a control panel.

You can now pause / play, shift paths, adjust speed, and even respond to calls simply by clicking on the buttons under the ear cup.

No matter what is the shape of your head, it is designed in such a way that it can fit perfectly.


3) boAt Rockerz 390V2:-

Rockerz 390 V2 features in our list of best boat headphones since it boasts many amazing features.

When we talk about sound quality, it delivers a great punch in music with its supreme rhythmic bass.

Rockerz 390 V2 has 300mAh battery which can play upto 12 hours which means you can listen to music without getting to worry about low battery life.

With is integrated controls and in-built mic, you have a complete control over your music and listening to calls.

It is also very lightweight which means you won’t feel much that you are wearing a headphone while listening to music.

And above all it is a wireless headphone for your better movement and agility.

It also comes with 1 year warranty, if you ever find any issue you can contact boAt for it.


4) boAt Rockerz 450:-

boAt Rockerz 450 is one of the few wireless headphones apart from above mentioned headphones which are appreciated by users for being very comfortable since the cups are big and very soft enough to give your ear the comfort they need.

Though bass is it not as amazing as in the above headphones, it still offers good sound clarity.

When it comes to battery life, it can play upto 8 hours as advertised which is fair enough for a regular music listener.

However, there is one con which is affecting its overall pro is the absence of a AUX cable which boAt ship with all other models.

It also has 1 year of warranty if you encounter any issue with the product.


5) Boat BassHeads 900:-

Boat BassHeads 900 is one of the most bought wired boat headphones online since it boasts some of the incredible features which a very few of other headphones have.

First and foremost is its ability to fold which allows you to carry it more conveniently which is really helpful in long run as the life of the headphones depend a lot on how you carry them.

Its sleek and lightweight design makes it very convenient and its swivel earcups offers flexible to wear while listening to music.

You may feel the headphone to be tight when you use it for first few days but eventually it will get adjusted to ears for maximum comfort.

Boat offers 1 year of warranty, if you ever encounter any issue within a year time period.