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5 Common problems technology should have solved it by now

5 Common problems technology should have solved it by now

We are surrounded by a lot of different technologies, from pant zip to aeroplane, from radio to touchscreen smartphone.  Even though technology has advanced a lot, we are not able to find solutions to these very common problems for which we struggle everyday.


1)World’s No.1 Social Networking site Facebook:-

There should be a filter of blocking any spoiler by keyword or any sentence containing that particular keyword, for example, you don’t want GOT episodes spoiled before you watch them add keyword in your Facebook settings and voila all spoilers are blocked and you can watch Game of Thrones peacefully without having any idea what would happen next. It’s so common problem technology should have found solutions by now.

GOT Spoiler


2) Sports Umpire and Referees:-

There are so many instances where a player got out or has to face consequences of the wrong decisions of the umpire or referee and it’s not a fault of an umpire as he is a human and human can commit mistakes.

We have a technology for almost everything whether you want a slow-motion video at the rate of 18 fps slow motion or 24 fps to check whether the ball touched the ground or not or you want motion detector from every single angle, trackers to track every movement of a player playing their game, in short, we have solution for it but still we are obsessed with the problem and I don’t know how long it will take.


3) Google Maps:-

There should be an option of whenever we reach near our location saved as favourite, google maps should notify us which will make us more aware of the location.


4) Passport:-

We are using a digital form for everything from checking your bank account which we used to check by printing our bank passbook by going to the near branch to checking it online, extracting cash from ATM, transferring money, digital debit and credit card etc but we are still using tangible passport while we travel to show everywhere you travel whenever we lose our passport it’s always pain in the a** and there are not enough spaces for frequent travelers and when you are out of space you need to go to the passport office to get it renewed again a lot of hassle.

Mobile Passport

Instead, there should be a procedure of having a unique number assigned to you for a particular country so you don’t need to show your passport just give you a unique number or barcode or id like email id (your-passport@your-country.gov) and bam all your information in their computers.

Even it should be done for visa process, wherever you are you just need to open your mobile app and check the validity of your visa and apply for the visa whether you are in Singapore wants a visa for India or you are in Russia wants a visa for America.


4) Filing Taxes:-

Well it’s a lot of complicated thing to do and we hire professional to do it for us instead, there should be a technology where all your taxes are calculated according to your income, expenses or savings etc real-time help should be provided for any queries like chat or customer care which will increase in the tax collection of any country.

Tax Time


5) Vote:-

It’s a controversial topic but I am talking about how we vote. We go to the voting centre and the government has to declare that day as a holiday which results in a revenue loss of the companies and delay in other work which we all do and even after people don’t vote just for their comfort and enjoy their holiday other things than voting for which holiday was. So, in place there should be an option to give your vote through your mobile as we can trust our phone for bank transaction why not for vote, however, security should be more advanced than now as every other political party will try to crack it or any other corporates who want their chosen political party to be elected.

Voting from mobile will result in a lot of vote share than it is now.


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