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5 Best Tyres for Activa

Honda Activa is one of the best scooty available in India which has proved its metal over and over. In the latest version 5G, Honda has improved many aspects of Activa for better performance. However, there are many people who ask which is the best tyre to use for Honda Active for better grip and control over the scooty.

Thus in this post, I have mentioned some of the best tyres which work best with Honda Activa and offers all the required features.


1) MRF Zapper Tubeless Tyre:-

MRF Zapper Tubeless Tyre

Available on Amazon


MRF Zapper tyre is a best friend of Honda Activa when it comes to all-round performance on the road since it ticks all boxes of a perfect tyre.

It comes with a spectacular tread with a directional pattern. This layout guarantees great grip on dry streets as well as superior traction on moist surfaces.

Its braking power is exceptional since it halts a vehicle at a shorter distance, In addition, even when taking turns, it keeps a vehicle very secure and stable.

Apart from the above, it highly durable which means it can give a good fight to irregular wear and enhances the overall ride experience.

Together, all these elements make it an optimal tyre for Honda Active.


2) Ceat Gripp Tubeless Tyre:-

Ceat Gripp Tubeless Tyre

Available on Amazon

Ceat is also a very popular brand when it comes to tyres and for our favorite Honda Activa, it has Ceat Gripp to offer which has incredible features.

Using CEAT’s Dual Compound Technology, the tyre provide an everlasting grip and when it comes to fuel efficiency, Ceat Gripp has surpassed many of its competitors because it contains a unique mix of a medium and hard compound which make sure that your scooty do no get thirsty for fuel.

With Gripp, Ceat has tried to create a new benchmark scooter and motorcycle tyre segment. Ceat Gripp has been designed to provide consumers maximum out of a tyre in terms of performance, longevity, comfort and great riding experience.


3) Michelin City Pro Tubeless Tyre:-

Michelin City Pro Tubeless Tyre

Available on Amazon

Michelin is a French brand and with its wide range of tyres, it has given tough competition to other prominent brands in India.

For Honda Active, Michelin has to offer its very popular City Pro tyre model which features robust tyre design that provides superior control over all road types. 

It’s amazing design and built makes it less prone to punctures, cuts, and damages from road hazards.

The scooter tyre has been intended and created with urban commuting in mind.    When it comes to urban commuting, it offers incredible handle over scooty and remains sticky to the ground.

In addition, the tyre has been proven to be great under wet conditions with Michelin’s Progressive Sipe technology.


4) TVS DRAGON Tubeless Tyre:-

TVS DRAGON Tubeless Tyre

Available on Amazon

Tvs srichakra ltd is one of the major manufacturers of two- and three-wheeler tyres and is popular amongst many Indians for tyres.

TVS Dragon is also a good option to fit your Honda Active with new tyres since it is suited for all segments due to is bold rugged block type pattern.

It offers good grip in both on and off road application and it is designed to allow good water drainage because of its tread patterns.

Apart from the above, it also offers great control over cornering because of Rounded shoulder profile and


5) Ceat Milaze Tubeless Tyre:-

Ceat Milaze Tubeless Tyre

Available on Amazon

It is a second time that we have mentioned Ceat tyres for Honda Activa since it has a great variety of tyres which can suit Honda Active but we would like to mention only the best.

Ceat Milaze is the Best Seller on Amazon for its superior features and great performance on the road.

This tyre has been designed specifically to offer long life and superior riding experience.

The creative, robust and compound tread design minimizes tread wear and the tread pattern provides confident moist and dry grip.

No doubt, why it is awarded as the Best Seller on Amazon.


Four Tips for Choosing the Right Tyres for your Scooter:-


1) Select the Type of Tyre

Scooter tyres are widely categorized as tubeless and tubeless tyres. Due to its numerous related advantages, the highest quality tyre brands have gradually shifted towards tubeless tyres. Indian roads ‘ finest tubeless tires have tubes built into the tires, which stop fast air loss during punctures. Tube-type tires, on the other side, consist of a valve and rim tube. For Indian roads ‘ finest tubeless tyres have tubes built into them, which stop fast air loss during punctures. Tube-type tires, on the other side, consist of a valve and rim tube. Though tube tires are cheap and cost lesser than tubeless tires, they can compete with tubeless tyres when it comes to performance and long life. If you are thinking of a longer life for your tyre then without any doubt go for tubless tyres I mentioned above.


2) Determine the Wheel Size

Scooter wheel size may differ from 8 inches to 16 inches in diameter, according to the reputed tyre brands. Because it is directly related to the maneuverability and velocity of the vehicle, selecting tyres of suitable dimensions is essential. Big wheel scooters are designed to travel at faster speeds, so it is essential to pick tyres that suit the size of the wheel correctly. Thus above-mentioned tyres fit perfectly for Honda Activa.


3) Read a Tyre Accurately

On their shoulders, Tyres have alphanumeric codes providing vital information about their sizes and constraints. One should always need to know the purpose for buying a scooty. Since tyres with a greater load index rating can carry heavy weight on the scooter. However, if you are looking for just commuting purpose then every tyre mentioned can be bought.


4) Choose the Right Brand

Manufacturers of scooters have tie-ups with top tyre brands as they supply solely constructed tyres for the vehicle. While replacing or selecting scooter tyres, the same brand tyres should be given preference. Only tyres manufactured by the best tyre brands should be purchased.

In addition to the above points, scooter owners should also make sure that the chosen tyres have correct tread patterns to guarantee adequate water displacement, adequate traction, great grip and stability which every above-mentioned tyres have.

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