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Best Boat Earphones

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boAT launched in 2016 and quickly became the most trusted and best brand in India when it comes to earphones. But choosing from many earphones sometimes can be difficult thus in this article, we have listed 5 best boAT earphones that are too awesome to ignore.

Before listing these 5 best boat earphones in our article, we tested every feature of them such as sound quality, built quality, noise cancellation and many other features which are very important when it comes to selecting the best earphone for yourself.

Let’s not waste any more time and start the list of best boAT earphones:-


1) boAt Nirvanaa Tres Triple Drivers Earphones:-

boAt Nirvanaa Tres Triple Drivers Earphones


If you are looking for an earphone which not only gives amazing sound quality but longer life and looks amazingly sturdy then you have come to the right place since boAT has to offer their incredible boAt Nirvanaa Tres Triple Drivers Earphones which has every quality of a premium earphone.

One of its exceptional features is mini woofer, you read it right, as it has two dynamic drivers just behind the earphone which is clearly visible. It is like carrying woofer where ever you go and enjoying the detailed music to the fullest. With this earphone, you can literally experience the unparalleled universe you’ve never seen before.

Created to complement your lifestyle, the Nirvanaa Tres earphones are a definite style statement, their brilliant ergonomic design allows simple adjustment and amazing comfort for your ears while providing you with the most genuine sound ever.

This earphone is one of the few earphones in the world which offers the best noise isolation feature and it comes with an adaptable ear mold intended for a comfortable fit.

To ensure complete protection against the threat of corrosion, boAT Nirvanna comes with multi-layers of superior wire coating which makes it even more durable.

This magnificent earphone comes with 1 year of warranty, in case you ever face any issue with this product.

2) boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone:-

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


It is one of the Best Boat Wireless Earphones which is so lightweight that you won’t notice a thing of its weight since it is made of premium materials without compromising on style.

boAt Rockerz 255 has been designed by thinking freestyle in mind and for people who do not like to gets tangled in the wire while listening to music.

Its features are not just confined in its being wireless, boAt Rockerz 255 offers powerful High Definition sound and deep boosted bass, which really makes you believe that you are in the song.

You can increase or decrease volume, change tracks, attend calls easily with controls built on it and to help you make you more productive boAT has introduced inline controls which can enable Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice-controlled smartphone assistants.

Since it is wireless you must be thinking of battery, within 10 mins of charge you can enjoy listening to music for 45 mins as it is equipped with 110 mAH battery and it is compatible with laptop, tablet, pc and of course mobile.

If you ever encounter any issue with the product, you can rest assured that it comes with 1 year of warranty.


3) boAt BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones:-

boAt BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones


Since the above-mentioned earphone is best in a class wireless category but when it comes to wired earphones there is no competition with boAt BassHeads 225 in-Ear.

As the name applies, it is seriously made for bass lovers and has amazing sonic clarity and good attenuation of ambient noise.

The passive noise cancelation function allows users to enjoy listening to their music even in a messy and noisy environment and you can also receive calls on the go.

This earphone comes with 7 amazing colors which means you can choose as per your need and style statement.

This product also comes with 1 year of warranty which means you are in a safe hand.


4) boAt BassHeads 152:-

boAt BassHeads 152


boAT bassheads 152 is one of the few products which are appreciated by users for its superior coated cables which is a highly resistant and tangle-free cable that gives longer life to this earphone.

It is not just appreciated for its super coated cables but for its amazing sound quality which really improves the overall music listening experience.

And its gold plated 3.5mm jack is the icing on a tasty cake and it comes with three different colors Red, Black, and Blue.

Just like any other boAT earphones, it also comes with 1 year of warranty for your issue with this earphone.


5) boAt Rockerz 261 Sport Wireless Earphones:-

boAt Rockerz 261 Sport Wireless Earphones


This is the second time we have mentioned the best wireless boAT earphone since it offers great sound quality and clarity which really enhances your listening experience.

As advertised, this earphone is ergonomic and when it comes to noise cancellation it has delivered great results.

With csr 8635 chipset and Bluetooth v4.1, you get the best connectivity which let you move freely and not to care of getting disconnected with the earphone.

Just like boAt Rockerz 255, it also has built-in controls which let you change the song, volume, attend to calls and activating voice assistants such as Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice.

It comes with 2 colors, one is raging red and the other one is jazzy blue and if you ever face any issue with this earphone, you can contact boAT customer service since it comes with 1 year of warranty.



How to choose the perfect earphone for you?


Before digging into it lets check what factors customers keep in mind before purchasing an earphone nowadays? Those factors are design, price and brand. First of all they check out earphone’s overall appearance, does they look good to them? Does color match their taste? Then comes the second part which is also a crucial for them which the price. Does it suit their budget? Can they get their selected earphone somewhere else at lesser price? And third, the brand. Is the brand famous or not?

But these factors are not enough to ascertain an earphone thus I have mentioned some of the crucial factors that one should keep in mind before buying an earphone:-



Comfort is no doubt is one of the first and foremost factor on should keep in mind before selecting a earphone since most of the earphones not all will feel comfortable but feels uncomfortable when worn for longer period of time.

One should wear for at least 20 minutes before coming to conclusion about comfort and as per our choice this goes best.



Second most important factor that one should keep in mind before buying earphone is Sensitivity.

Sensitivity is the effectiveness of an earphone in converting an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. Basically it can let you know how loud your about to be purchased earphones can be. To check it is denoted with SPL(Sound Pressure Level) and in order to listen to music safely you must pick earphones with a range of 80 to 125 dB SPL/mW.

And to help you speed up your process of research, we have already checked every earphone’s SPL and everyone lies between 80 to 125 dB SPL/mW.


Frequency Response:-

If you want to hear to a particular type of music, knowing the frequency response of an earphone can assist you choose the suitable earphone.

However it is not as valuable as above two mentioned factors since the frequency response will differ as each individual has a distinct ear canal (depth, diameter, curvature, etc.). In fact, frequency response will even vary in two ears of the same person.


Sound Isolation:-

As evident it sounds, the earphone you select should isolate sound so that you do not get disturb by other noise, traffic and person sitting next should not get affected from you music too.


Noise Cancellation:-

Noise Cancellation is just an advanced version of sound isolation since it does not block but separate music you are listening to background noise so that you can have an awesome listening to music experience.


Sweat Resistant:-

Do you use your earphones while jogging or while working at a fitness center? If so, you should select earphones that are sweat resistant. These earphones are particularly designed to prevent sweat moisture.

If you’re looking for more convenience, then you need Bluetooth earbuds. These kinds of earbuds are connected to your device using Bluetooth technology. They offer great freedom especially if you’re doing sports or any activity that requires lots of movement.


If you are that kind of person who does not like to get tangled in wire then I would recommend Bluetooth earphones since they offer great freedom especially if you are performing any task that requires a lot of movement.


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