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1 most important travel hack which can be a life saver!!

When you search for travel hack in google you get a lot of results which shows a lot of different hacks like when booking tickets turn on private browsing which can lower the ticket price, not bringing a water bottle instead bringing an empty bottle which can be refilled at the airport, roll your clothes rather than fold your clothes to pack which can save a lot of space or if you ever forget your charger you can charge devices by plugging into the USB slot of T.V.

However, if you didn’t know about above hacks don’t worry now you know but there is 1 most annoying issue which is missing of bags or luggage and most of us face it when traveling and this simple travel hack can be a lifesaver for all of us.

Before every flight journey,  just take a photo of your baggage from 4 different angles from your phone.

You can either store it in your mobile or e-mail it to yourself.

Black Bag

Why should you do it?

There are so many cases where passengers lose their bags while traveling and get in a trouble of getting them back.

So basically we have to file a complaint to the airport authorities under the section of missing baggage.

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Every passenger has to give a description of what his/her baggage looks like and what it contains.

Almost every passenger knows what it contains but fails to give a clear description of what the baggage looks like.

For example, if a passenger says he has lost his black case then airport authorities can never trace it, as there are around 1000s of black cases in the airport.

A photo gives a very clear description of the baggage and helps airport authorities narrow down their scope of searching.

Chances of getting your luggage are usually higher if you have a photo.

After all, it takes only a few seconds to take a photo which can save you from a lot of trouble.



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